paneling suppliers to change designs frequently, so if you are unsure about which pattern to purchase, simply send us a sample and we will do our best to match it. Exact colors may vary from those shown on your screen. NOTE: All paneling MUST ship truck freight in a 4' x 8' wooden crate. Approx. 10 panels fit per crate.

Re-paneling vintage camper walls is a common project due to water damage. Here are the 1 8″ should be used so you can easily bend the panels to the curves of your camper. Using this If you are going to paint over the material, the type of wood is less important that the fact that you purchase 1 8″.

Anybody have any opinions on materials for camper walls? I know a lot of people are using Nida Core. Sounds like a good product but it sure is expensive! Looking at Darrin Fink's AATREC-FM204 he mentions he's using "composite pultruded foam-core panel". Is this the product he's talking about:

I would like to redo the cealing and the walls in my camp trailer. The walls are wood paneled but the dark brown surface is flaking off. I would like to sand…

I had dreams of living in our little vintage camper for a long time but, the reality of space hit us, and we finally decided to get a larger camper. Our “new” camper is a 2002 31ft . The walls of our camper were covered with wallpaper, so we did not bother to clean the walls. However, if you are working on a

All of these items can normally be found in your local lumber yard. You can get generic paneling and paint it or put up wall paper to match the rest of your camper. You will also need some screws for the job. Get some that are about 3.5 inches long to fasten the 2x2 framing together and some 1.5 inches long

RV remodeling.. I need to replace a ceiling and wall in an rv. I do not want to use same material that is in it. I need it to be inexpensive. I will put pictures on of my process as soon as I get chance HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL! A common, cheap, strong material for panelling in vehicles is plywood.

When traveling across country in your RV, saving on gas can make your trip a lot more enjoyable. So now lets look at possible problems you can have with your RV paneling. When it comes to fiberglass, you can have an issue that is called delamination. This is when air bubbles get in between the siding and the inner wall

You will, of course, have to take measurements physically to avoid buying something that will either be too small or too big, thus wasteful. These are but a few of the most common travel trailer interior wall panels that are readily available in the markets today. Careful selection and expert advice are always of importance.

Dealing with a water leak in the ceiling of your motorhome? Come see how we. In order to secure the panel to the ceiling we used 3M 90 Grade Spray Adhesive, along with the kitchen wall putting pressure on the edges. Before we put the adhesive on and placed the panels we actually needed to cut a very

The wall ones are patterned hardboard — one of our local lumber stores has a whole book of patterns you can get applied to the 1 8 hardboard. We picked one we liked and ordered enough panels to do the walls. If I had this to do over again I might try to work more wood in in place of the hardboard in places — not that the

As I was building, I didn't necessarily follow a strict order, nor did I ever seem to finish one thing before moving on to the next. Danny wall My enlisted help giving me an assist with attaching the wall panels. In doing the curvy bits around the wheel wells, I first cut out cardboard templates to shape then

The structural integrity of the camper walls and ceiling were at risk also, as the wood used for support was badly rotted and would have to be replaced to At least when you remodel a motorhome instead of a house, you can buy your materials in smaller quantities: wood paneling, screws, nails, glue.

But you can also install wallpaper on your accent walls only, creating a nice balance between accent walls and non-accent walls. Now, take Broken plumbing. Used cat litter spilling everywhere. Intolerable heat inside your RV. You get the idea! Why not check these things out before you hit the road?

When we purchased our little Santa Fe, one of the first things we noticed was that the front and back body panels had some pretty severe cracking. Fixing them has been on our “to-do list” since we bought the camper. This year we decided to get serious about cleaning up the outside of the PUP, so the body