Color fading and mildew are two problems you may get with vinyl fencing. Strong sunlight over the years changes the vinyl's color and wet weather makes the plastic perfect for mildew growth. Because vinyl is molded into panels, rather than constructed of smaller parts, repairing the fence is a challenge. A dent or split

Wooden lattice can also become damaged from the sun or other elements, resulting in cracking or breaking. Wood materials are also prone to damage from insects, mold and can rot away or warp, requiring replacement. If not stained or sealed, wooden lattice can turn gray, which some people view as

Center each screw in oversized holes and do not overtighten to allow for expansion and contraction of lattice. Hang the lattice with a support every 24". Attach sides and bottom loosely. (Do not tighten all the way). If using more than one panel, do not butt panels together. Leave 1 4" gap to allow for expansion and contraction.

Enjoy the handsome style of lattice with easy upkeep and little maintenance. Vinly lattice is made of durable impact resistant plastic; Matches sierra cedar color of lattice; Resists warping, twisting or splitting; Tolerant of extreme heat and cold; Available in a variety of colors; Transferable limited lifetime warranty; Note: Product

Dress up your front porch with hinged panels of plastic skirting. While a frameless skirt is easy to install, it's also susceptible to warping and damage because the lattice has very little support. Here we . Where two pieces of vinyl lattice meet at a center stile, secure the seam with two rows of screws 1-inch panhead screws.

If you have enough direct sun, you can do this gradually outside, simply place the plastics between the sheets of glass, and let the sun do the rest!! Couple of old Believe it or not I once sandwiched a piece of warped plastic between two pieces of weighted glass and left it in the back of my car in August. It actually came out

Veranda Plastic Lattice offers the rich beauty of wood without the drawbacks. Unlike wood, Veranda lattice won't peel, split, or rot. It's fade-resistant, comes in a variety of colors, and is easy to install and maintain.

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Q. What is vinyl? A. A predetermined mixture of polyvinyl chloride, stabilizers, colorants, UV inhibitors and impact modifiers. A. Your fence has a high level of UV inhibitors (Ti02) which prevents the sun's rays from turning your fence yellow. Painting your vinyl fence a dark color can make the vinyl distort and warp.

Lattice is a great option for lots of projects! It enhances any outdoor area. It allows airflow and the sun to shine through while providing privacy.