Fantasy Marble and Granite inspires confidence to its clients through years of experience and quality of work provided. Our name means quality natural granite work. LIGHTWEIGHT MARBLE PANELS FOR LUXURY YACHTS Fantasy Marble can provide lightweight stone panels for almost every surface inside the yacht.

Honeycomb is a light weight material available in several dimensions, thicknesses and cell sizes. It is mostly supplied as a sandwich panel, bonded with (stainless) steel, aluminum, laminate or veneer. Aluminium More information. soundproofing sandwich panel for thermal insulation polyethylene foam wood GISATEX

You need black, lightweight interior panels? Get a sheet of formica counter top material. Wax it, PVA it and shoot black gelcoat on it. Then a layer of cloth, core, cloth infuse.. Presto really light weight paneling with a nice textured finish. At least this is what we've been doing. Except ours are done in white.

PSI Marine Panels with a Thermax core are made from vermiculite (aluminum-iron-magnesium-silicate), a natural inorganic mineral belonging to the mica-minerals group.vermiculite is exfoliated by a high temperature heat treatment in the production process and expands to a lightweight aggregate, which is blended

Specifically designed for non-structural interior applications, Featherlight Marine Grade panels compliment the DuFLEX Composite panel range and have been developed to optimise weight and dimensional stability, making them ideally suited as lightweight building panels for the construction of interiors for luxury and high

Enter Sing Core, the revolutionary Eco-friendly boat building structural panel that is lightweight, easy to use, stronger than steel and is in production as a curve-able lightweight-panels-used-in-solar-powered-boat-design-. Can be used in solar boat building, like this. Structural hull material Bulk heads Interior walls

Stone Panels for Marine Applications. Whether you are remodeling your old yacht or building a new one, you will want interior decoration products that are durable, flexible, lightweight, luxurious and of high quality. Lightweight stone panels for walls, flooring, countertops, bathrooms, showers, vanity tops or

For years, boat builders have relied on light weight aluminum composite panels for increasing the speed and efficiency of their craft. The high strength and corrosion resistant Non-combustible. Applications: Bulkheads; Decking; Door panels; Ceilings; Cabinet parts; Gang planks; Furniture; Decorative interior partitions