"Slippery Stairs" is the game show that brings Sisyphean struggle to life on TV, and the internet is loving it.

Germany. Berlin police seek clues to further assaults on the subway stairs. Only a week after the "subway kicker" was sentenced for pushing a woman down some subway stairs, police in Berlin have again called for public assistance in finding the perpetrator of a similar attack. U Bahn Täter Polizei

The first friend we make on the trek however is a dog. We meet him during a lunch break in Pothana. He doesn't mind that we are soaked in sweat after climbing so many slippery and uneven stairs and when we get back on the trek, so does he. He follows us for the rest of the day and half of the next.

The internet has given us yet another hilarious clip from a Japanese gameshow. This one features slippery stairs and bodysuits.

The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu can be a tough trek, and it takes a few casualties each year. But the real danger begins when you follow the trail past the mythical city and up Huayna Picchu, aka the “Hike of Death.” The old Inca staircase is carved out of granite and climbs about 1,000 feet in less than a mile.

From Jacob's dreams in the Bible to Led Zeppelin's song, staircases have part of human psyche from time immemorial. They symbolise human ambition of reaching above the ground. From vertigo-inducing stairways to grand, opulent double-helix models, here's a look at the most fascinating and unusual

Generally speaking, when humans go mucking about in nature, installing fences, signs, and observation towers to make trekking easier, it tends to ruin . Moorish pirates would often lead raids on the rounded cliffs, and were said to often slip and fall on the steps, making their conquests of the area more

For the last decade or so we've been privileged enough to live through what's been called the golden age of TV. We've gotten to witness some mind-blowingly good long-form episodic storytelling, from Breaking Bad to Kevin Can Wait to Mad Men to Kevin Can Wait.

Now an abandoned industrial settlement, the Flørli stairs are open to the public and a popular trek for outdoor enthusiasts. The 4,444 wooden Due to the steep climb and slippery terrain, a maximum of 400 climbers are permitted per day. If hiking 11. Tiger & Turtle Magic Mountain (Duisburg, Germany).

Most of us never knew that watching six contestants trying to climb a slippery staircase could be so compelling, but here we are in the upside-down we call 2017.