A wood pool deck adds charm to the pool area, making it an extended living space. Over time, the wooden deck will suffer from wear from the elements and foot traffic. You will have to invest a weekend of your Put a new roller on the extension pole, and apply the paint in the same manner as the primer. If you have some

Are you wondering if you could put an above ground pool on a wood deck? Sure you can.

You can place a pool on a wooden deck if the construction takes into account several factors. Of course, pools are very heavy. And a lot of water will be splashed, poured and

Pools For Small YardsSmall Backyard PoolsOutdoor PoolBack Yard Ideas For Small YardsDiy PoolBackyard Pool DesignsBackyard IdeasSmall DecksOutdoor Spaces. It's easy to guess why above ground pools with decks are so hype: they are affordable, easy and fast to install, and require minimal maintenance. Above

Wood also has a soft, organic appearance that will complement any setting or garden. You can also lay the wood in different patterns and directions to get a contemporary, traditional or completely unique look for your deck. It's also possible to install wood pool decks which turn into walkways leading to your

Wood Decks. One of the best ways to protect a wood deck is to apply a penetrating stain. This will not only keep chemically treated pool water from damaging the surface, it will keep the water from absorbing into the wood and doing internal damage. Wood sealants from leading providers like