23 Sep Decking: Natural Vs Man Made, Which is Better? Posted at 19:04h in Let's look at the various materials available today and analyze the pros and cons of each. We'll start with some of Composite decking and polymer lumber, represent the fastest-growing segment of deck materials sold today. There are over 200

Pros and Cons of Softwood, Hardwood and Composite Decking. What type of decking should I choose? Decking is an excellent way to add both appeal and value to your home or premises. Patio or low level decking can be the perfect solution to hide an unattractive space or simply raise an area to be level with a

There are two types of hardwood floors: solid hardwood and engineered hardwood. The differences Engineered wood is man-made wood, made out of a composite of real wood products. The planks are GoHaus has a great post detailing the pros and cons of real hardwood vs engineered hardwood.

Pros of solid wood furniture. Usually a fail-safe way to ensure you are getting quality furniture; Solid wood is extremely long-lasting; Can be easily refinished and repaired through the years. Cons of solid wood furniture. Solid wood is more susceptible to changes in climate, especially humidity; Certain

The top of the floor that you see and walk on is 100% natural hardwood, unlike laminate which has a manmade surface material printed to look like real wood. Engineered wood floors are made less of the actual solid wood. One con of this type of flooring is that it cannot be refinished over and over again.

MDF vs solid wood. I've had so many people turn away the minute they hear there is MDF in a product. Man-made products are not as popular as the