What is code for deck railing height? How do I meet height and gapping code requirements on stairs? What's a structural post vs. post sleeve? Do you have any light fixtures that match the finish of my railing? Why should I use a taller post at the bottom of my stairs? Does meet building codes? Do I need to have

I always lay a piece of finish decking on top of the joists to measure from; otherwise - if I measure off the deck frame - I might forget to add in the width of the decking. For decks close to the ground, I place a level across the finish decking and just measure down from it to the landing. On tall decks, since my

How to Build Deck Stairs. You normally don't give much thought to building a set of deck stairs. But, when the time comes, you should check out Internet sites for advice or attend a DIY clinic at your local home improvement store. This and the tips provided below will help you build deck stairs and gain easy access to a tall

Secondly, measure the height of the stair from the bottom of the decking or the top floor of the joist to the ground, then divide by 7 or 8 inches—this will give you the number of steps you need to make. You'll want to adjust the height until height and steps balance out—since having half a step would be a bit awkward.

A traditional deck stair is a straight stair that extends from one level to the next. It will have the same measurements and footprint as an indoor staircase. While you may want the traditional design, this design takes up a lot of square footage in your deck. Assuming your deck stair will meet building code, a standard 8' tall deck

Overspanning composite decking is most commonly a problem when deck boards are run diagonally over joists or when they're used as stair treads. The solution: Floor tall escape path from a basement egress window, while others are simply practical, like ensuring access to hose bibs. Each clearance

Article about building stairs for a second-story deck.

Tall entry stair constructed by Daniel Friedman & Art Cady (C) Daniel Friedman Guide to Safe & Legal Porch & Deck Stair Construction. DECK STAIR BUILDING START - CONTENTS: Deck & Porch Stair Construction Materials Choices, Specifications. Deck & Porch Stair Construction Details for Safety; Deck & Porch Stair

Stair Measurements. Measure the Height Where the Stairs Will End. Determine the location of your bottom step. Set a long level on top of the decking and measure the height at the point where you want your steps to end. Use this measurement to determine the number and height of the risers. For example, if the height is 55

Stairs on decks are typically wide and short. This is for safety and ease of construction. A typical deck stair “tread” or top, is made with two deck boards, side by side. When building steps, it is essential to build every step the same height as the others to prevent tripping. A standard stair is 10 by 8, or approximately ten inches

If your stairs have the top tread level with the deck floor then the number of treads is equal to the number of risers. Since the stairs in my example have two or more risers and are over 30" high, by IBC code, I'm required to install a handrail and railing. Knowing this, I'm going to elect to place the top tread one step down since

We want to measure the elevation from the ground to the top of our finished deck in three places. Measure the lowest point of the grade, the highest point and where the steps will be installed. We have a sliding door going into the house from the deck. It's best to keep the finished deck height a few inches