The dream of enjoying a low-maintenance outdoor oasis is well within reach with ReliaBoard Composite Decking materials. Durable: Resists mold, mildew, and moisture damage; Beautiful: Texturized for a wood-like appearance; Low-maintenance: No annual sealing or staining required for protection; Protected: Comes

Appearance. Composite decking comes in various timber looks to suit your outdoor space, such as Jarrah, Silver Gum, Highland Oak and more. Installation. Composite decking can be installed as a D.I.Y. project but it can be heavy to handle, so get lots of hands on deck! Maintenance. Composite decking is incredibly

A vast array of composite and plastic decking options promise wood-like appearance with minimal maintenance. Class-action lawsuits have been filed against , , , (plastic decking) and just about all major manufacturers for fading, color change, mold growth, surface deterioration, and in some

Timco Wood UK wood plastic composite decking board is no ordinary decking board. Made from 100% FSC timber and plastics, the WPC decking system combines their unique properties in one base material. With the low maintenance and durability of the plastic and the texture, appearance and strength of the wood, our

Homeowners who have shied away from composite decking because of its appearance should give it a second look. Cypress or dark hickory should consider 's Vintage Collection. The rich colors and textured graining creates a realistic wood appearance. Legacy. transitional-deck.jpg.

When the less demanding plastic-composite decking appeared on the scene in the 1990s, homeowners happily adopted it, despite the higher price and . textured grain composite wood . The primary differences come down to aesthetics: If you want more color choices and a more woodlike appearance, you'll pay more.

Composite decking has come a long way as an alternative to wood. Some composite products offer a color and texture that resembles wood. It's best to shop And with the uniform appearance of composite decking and its availability in a wide variety of colors, you'll enjoy a deck with the polished look of an indoor space.

Discover the benefits of both wood and composite decking options for your home. I'm pleased to report our wooden deck should continue to stand for years. . but the natural color and texture of the wood is beautiful on its own as it develops a striking silver-grey color over time, which is always uniform in appearance.

In fact, capped composite decking can accurately mimic the appearance and texture of a number of wood types, including high-end tropical varieties. The best of these options also offer a Myth 2: Wooden decks are classic - why bother changing now? True, builders have used wood as a primary decking

Two of our signature composite decking products are Ecodeck and Ecodeck Plus. They are made from a composite mixture of the finest bamboo, reclaimed timber and recycled plastic. These products require no oiling or painting as they already are colour and texture-built. Ecodeck products exhibit the

Simplify shopping for composite decking by weighing the importance of 7 key issues, including budget, sunlight, moisture, appearance, building codes and the cost of extras. Photo courtesy of Timbertech The differences come down to variations in design, colors, mix of plastic and wood, installation systems and texture.

The coating is made up of the base coat followed by a thin aromatic top coat which is then saturated with a blend of UV-stable and fire resistant colored chips. These are then swept off and a clear coat is applied for added protection and to give a slightly glossy appearance. The textured stone finish is offered in three different

This economical product is not only resistant to termites and rot, but has an attractive, natural appearance. More than 80% Choosing composite decking, such as Timber Tech, means less maintenance, lower cost, and warranty coverage. Available in four standard earth tone colors with an enhanced wood grain texture.

EverGrain Decking is offered by Envision and is a special type of composite material that has an appearance and texture that reflects the look of natural wood. However, as time goes on timber based decks can gradually start to degrade or require yearly maintenance to prevent splintering, wood fractures, loose fasteners,

I.Dekk contains no wood fillers unlike many other alternative decking products in the market. More like wood flooring; “Gap-free” deck; A distinct visual aesthetic not readily available in composite decking TerrainDeck is our innovative laser etched graining technology that creates a real wood textured appearance.

With its industry leading technology, the Vintage Collection sets a new standard in aesthetics giving you a more realistic wood appearance than competing alternative decking products. is one of the pioneers of WPC decking, which combine wood-flour and plastic to make a natural-looking, long-lasting deck.

VertiGrain 2 composite decking is UK's best-selling range, with four colours to choose from: Chestnut, Grey and Slate. Furthermore, instead of the fake-looking V pattern that you get with lots of composite decks, VertiGrain 2 has a natural texture that perfectly imitates the appearance of natural wood. VertiGrain