Humboldt Bay Interpretive Signing Program, Fall 2003. Sign Panel. Material Alternatives. This section provides a number of alternatives for sign panel materi- als and outlines the advantages Fabricators charge an additional 'per linear foot' cost. SIGN PANEL High Pressure Laminate Phenolic Resin. Cell-Ex. Vinyl Ink

Sheetrock is usually sold by the square foot. Prices can vary substantially from a low of $1 per square foot to a high of $3.50 per square foot. Other prices include: 32-square-foot panel: $32 to $112; 200 square feet: $200 to $700. The variability in pricing is often due to location and the amount of sheetrock purchased.

It is formed by compressing resin soaked paper fiber sheets, and the paper is 100% from recycled sources. PaperStone's estimated weight is 1.8 pounds per square foot per .25 inch of thickness. Among the colors in which PaperStone is available are slate, cabernet, chocolate, denim, evergreen, gunmetal,

Panel System Unit Dead Loads ( DL ) per square foot (psf) are listed below. Each system is comprised of decorative panels, alloy components, and fasteners that collectively comprise each panel assembly. 4.0 psf DL = Phenolic Composite, 1 2 in thick, Nominal DL for wall panel assembly. 3.0 psf DL = Phenolic Composite,

ACM consists of a composite polyethylene or phenolic core material that is bonded or 'sandwiched' between two increase due to large amount of caulking that is required at panel joints. Maintenance costs should also .. although it is completely possible to have an average square foot price double that amount in unique

Does anyone have any insight on comparative costs for panel siding such as parklex or trespa? Trespa Pura delivers great wood look (without the maintenance of wood) with a concealed fastening system that is about half the cost of previous systems ($20-25 per square foot installed). You can see

phenolic resin sheets are layered and compressed with high pressure and temperature As the melamine resin melts, it absorbs the print and all materials are consolidated Other sign materials to consider. Engraved Stone. ▫ Simplicity with tactile factor. ▫ Limited in color use. ▫ Average cost $125 to $250 per square foot.

Aluminum siding costs about $3.00 to $6.00 per square foot installed. Steel siding costs about $4.00 to $8.00 installed. Insulated version of these increase the cost by about $1.00 per foot. Both are normally sold in panels or slats. The panels measure about 3' x 10' while slats measure 8” x 12' on average. Panels cost about