Steps And Railing. This Scranton Craftsmen project of custom designed railing and pre cast concrete steps look great along side beautiful landscaping. Railing and Steps. A side view of custom installed railing and precast steps. Standard Porch Railing. Standard white railing is featured on these stairs and porch. Brushed

Kingston Vinyl Railing and Vinyl Decking #3 square drive bit. Handrail Component System. - 3 8" masonry drill bit (for concrete installation). - 3 4" drill bit. - Angle finder. - Quick-clamps. - Adhesive. - Recommended adhesives: . Vinyl posts alone do not provide adequate fastener retention. The. E-Z Set kit provides

If you have a loose stair rail, a weak stair rail or no rail at all, fix the problem by installing a solidly anchored railing at the proper handrail height.

You may feel secure on stairs without a handrail, but if you want to sell your home, California building codes require a handrail installation any time there are more than four steps. The handrail shouldn't extend into the width of the stairs more than 3 1 2 inches. If you need to install a handrail on interior stairs in your home,

Installation Instructions for Viewrail Cable Railing Systems. Code Compliance Information. Our mission is to create . If you have any specialty posts or bends, run the string along them so you can visualize the layout and identify any tricky spots. . difficult to drive the screw in straight. It's also a good idea to clear the hole.

We did this project pre-blogging, so I'm workin' with the photos I can track down from the abyss of our hard drive, and recreating the stain process on a random scrap of wood so I can show We did this whole process without removing the railing, so pretend like this whole process was done inside, on the installed railings.

(metal, pin-top wood, square-top wood) and use it with an over-the-post or post-to-post rail system. Handrails in over-the- post newel systems travels over the newel posts, allowing the hand to run along the handrail continuously. These systems require handrail fittings that fit on top of newel posts. Handrails are attached.

Stair Construction: Open on no sides (railings on no sides, just a hand rail). Request Stage: Planning & Budgeting. Desired Completion Date: 1 - 2 weeks. What kind of location is this?: Home Residence. Comment: Removed the old carpet and want to install hardwood treads and riders. Along with possibly installing new

Handrail installation is straightforward, especially when using pre-made brackets and parts. Don't be intimidated by this Place a straightedge along the marks and draw a line on the wall. This is the height of the Place 2-inch screws in the holes and drive them in to secure the bracket to the wall. Do all of the supports the

Install railing posts before deck boards are fastened to the joists. Pre-drilling of all railing components is essential to successful installation. Work area should be kept clean of debris, including stainless steel, flat head, square drive post sleeve or run a bead of caulk along the bottom edge of the post prior to installing.