Depending on your needs, wants, and can-dos, you may choose a short 3 foot picket fence or an 8 foot fortress of privacy. . While a solid privacy fence might be 6 feet height, adding an additional two foot extension will give you an added visual component, since those last two feet will be made of lattice or

8' high wood privacy fences often are installed using either a 4 x 6 or 6 x 6 post in 12" diameter x 36-42" deep footers. If you were to extend the height of a 6' high fence, you would increase both the weight of the fence and the wind load on the existing posts and they may fail prematurely. Additionally, with a height extension,

Extend the height of all other existing wood posts in your fence by attaching one 2- to 3-foot-tall wood post to each of them. Use the same procedure you used for the first existing wood post and 2- to 3-foot-tall post.

Short garden fences like a picket fence often aren't tall enough to keep out dogs and other animals that can jump, and even taller privacy fencing isn't always high enough to keep the eyes of neighbors at bay. If this is your problem, there is a simple way to extend your fence and add a little style in the process.

Increasing the height of an existing wood fence not only adds decorative detail to the structure, it also enhances privacy and blocks out unpleasant views. Although sheets of Attach one end of a metal tie plate to an end of one 2-foot-tall extension post using four to six 1 1 4-inch screws. Also attach

Cheap and Easy way to Extend your Fence Height Have you ever wanted to raise the height of your fence, but you just did not want to go through the time and expense of digging the old Wooden fence "window" --- Hang a mirror on a fence and place a chain-link fence over it to make a yard look bigger and more open.

Adding to fence height to keep dog in yard. This method will work for a small to medium size dog, but may not work for a large agressive dog.