This Cessna 210 was equipped with the original Cessna avionics and plastic panels. We installed the Garmin, and Aspen equipment to bring it into the 21st century. The wood grain plexiglass overlay panels are back lighted and custom made by a firm in California for us.

If you re sinking $30000 into new avionics, that old, cracked, Royalite panel has got to go. Here s a look at some options. FAA approval may be the tricky part. Short Final. I had just departed a famous airport and proceeded on course … Tower: Cessna XYZ, what is your heading? … Cessna XYZ:.

Equipment Information: Avion Research Rams Horn yokes. Vertical Card Compass Shoulder Harnesses Rosen Visors EZ Heat Engine Heater Pfluger Wood Grain Instrument Panel Overlay

The only thing to be aware of with making decisions with regard to instruments and avionics for Cessna 190 195's is the issue of FAA Approval. Many of the new technology units are STC'd There are a number of different panel overlays, woods, grains, and finishes to choose from. This panel is overlayed with a full gloss

Aircraft illuminated Edge Lit Panels and NVIS Lighted Overlays for Cockpits are manufactured in-house with capabilities that include water cutting, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining, silk screen and laser marking in addition to a robotics paint facility. Aero Dynamix laser etched ELPs provide the highest quality

by adminCESSNA 180's 185's. Description: Registration No: N2262T; Serial No:; Total Time: 1889 Hours Total Time; Engine Time: 712 Hours SMOH (Compressions currently 78, 77, 76, 79, 76, 78 80); Prop. Avionics: Custom back-lit Pfleuger wood-grain panel overlay panel; PS Engineering PMA 6000-C Audio 41. Original factory finish, all aluminum 210 armrest. The same armrest with the dented aluminum overlay re- moved, and the entire assembly covered in leather. From top to bottom: 60's injection molded, 70's rub- ber molded, late 70's-80's composite, and 70's 210 all aluminum (three pieces - center one is

Just to let you know that the C177 RH panel overlay arrived safe and sound today. I am extremely pleased with the quality of your product. It's much better made than the Cessna version and it looks as though it will not crack and degrade as the previous one did. Also, your mail order service is absolutely top notch.

Cessna 150L panel kit. Complete upper and lower panel kits available for Cessna 150L models for $3,060.00 fully customized. Place your order now. Sample Approved FAA Form 337 - Cessna 177RG - FIXED (no shockmounts) upper Instrument Panel Kit courtesy of Bill Carper Download the 337 form now (Adobe PDF