While it doesn't replace one of the best forest conservation approaches—the responsible management of forests—it is a promising supplement. WWF encourages companies in the US to source or create more products made with the alternative materials. And we help them assess how to do so in an

Concrete, that ubiquitous gray building material, is one of the world's most consistent sources of CO2 emissions. We've got 11 alternatives to consider.

The maintenance team at an amusement park wanted a plastic option for their outdoor towel bins, eliminating the need to replace unsightly wooden bins each year. Pressure treated wood bins, commonly used in this outdoor application, did not offer the longevity needed, nor were aesthetically acceptable.

Wood substitutes are building products that are not graded as lumber Composite substitutes contain wood fibre's and a mixture of plastic (Wood-plastic composites-WPC) or cement, glue and assorted other materials. Structural substitutes, also known as engineered wood, consist of thin, overlapping

From high-tech to timber frame, today's houses are being built with more than wood and brick. Come see your choices.

Wood can replace other construction materials in many structures while providing the same functionality. One example is that in the Swedish bridge standards (Bronorm) wooden bridges can be designed for the same function and service life as steel and concrete bridges. Such a material substitution could bring significant

Sustainable plastic wood alternatives made from high-density polyethylene, like the material used by EPS Solutions, are the preferred materials and offer the most benefits to the consumer. However, there are a variety of wood-substitutes, each with their own distinct properties and characteristics. Wood. Wood has been a

After China, India is the second largest producer of bamboo in the world. Despite this, bamboo has never been in the running to become the most sought after material for furniture, interiors and structures. It has always been the less 'eco-friendlier' options with wood, iron, steel and cement dominating the

Apr 1, 1993 As lumber prices have risen, builders and other providers of affordable housing have sought lower-cost alternatives to conventional wood framing for residential construction. Alternative Framing Materials in Residential Construction: Three Case Studies compares the cost competitiveness of three of the

More Than Wood: corrugated, composite, metal & plastic pallets are designed and built to overcome the drawbacks of using traditional pallets for the storage and transportation of goods. In addition to new and used wood pallets, Millwood offers a complete line of alternative material pallets for niche applications, including:

People have used wood in the construction of homes, outbuildings and patios for eons, but explore some greener or more stable options prior to gathering the saw, hammer and paintbrush. Metal, concrete or bamboo, to name a few, could replace standard lumber and plywood in applications, such as framing, roofing,

Wood substitutes are building products that are not graded as lumber. Composite substitutes contain wood fibers and a mixture of plastic or cement, glue and assorted other materials. Structural substitutes, also known as engineered wood, consist of thin, overlapping strips of lumber laminated together

Hardwood: Lyptus. The holy-grail quest of the lumber world has long been to find an inexpensive and sustainable alternative to genuine mahogany. As the even-toned, knot-free looks of bamboo become more and more popular, watch for an increasing number of products and materials made out of this versatile and

Alternative natural materials are natural materials like rock or adobe that are not as commonly in use as materials such as wood or iron. Alternative natural materials have many practical uses in areas such as sustainable architecture and engineering. The main purpose of using such materials is to minimize the negative

Actually both material are more widely used in my country (at least my ethnicity - javanese) since it's a lot cheaper than using wood, and have a lot of alternative use rather than just as building material. Sorry if there's some unclear stuff because i can't easily explain some part that i don't know the English