Thermal and acoustic insulation board, in Euroclass A2-s1, d0, consisting of mineralized extra-thin fir wood wool bound with white Portland cement and mineral powder. Wood wool is 1 mm wide. High quality boards for design acoustic absorption systems. It complies with EN 13168 and EN 13964. The boards are certified

Application: BUILDING BOARDS Material: Wood Fiber Texture: Sheets can be finished with various types of alkali resistant coatings and renderings. Use: Exterior, Interior Reference: Residential, Commercial & Public Buildings DURIPANEL is a medium density wood-fibre cement sheet. It is composed of a coarse core,

Thermal insulation sheets and panels in wood and cork. Search all products, brands and retailers of Thermal insulation sheets and panels in wood and cork: discover prices, catalogues and new features.

thermal insulation panel soundproofing cork particle board K224 KR625 · Acoustics & NoiseReduction. Where to Buy. thermal insulation panel. K224 KR625 optimal insulation with a minimal weight. Soundac K224 en KR625 are designed to improve he insulation of panels of steel, aluminium, wood, plastic etc. at all

Thermal conductivity: 0.04 W (m.K) Thickness: 45 mm pre-coupled panel consisting of a double board of wood fiber with interposed a sound-absorbing panel in TXT ideal for the realization of isolated interspaces, with high performance acoustic insulation. The More information. acoustic insulation polyester wood fiber

Diffutherm is a wood fibre thermal insulation board for rendered facades.

The Frinorm type DS, DL, DP and DM insulation panels are suited for retrospective installation on ceilings and walls in underground car parks, garages and basements in new and converted buildings as well as in old-building renovation. It is suited for single and multi-family houses as well as for commercial, industrial,

Wood fibre. PAVATHERM woodfibre insulation boards are suitable for applications in roofs, walls and floors. The thermal insulation and storage properties, and the easy handling format of the boards, mean that the material is ideal for use in a wide range of constructions. Videos. Video Referenza PAVATHERM. References.

Wood fibre insulation. Whether you are constructing a floor, ceiling, wall or roof the STEICO system provides a total building solution. STEICOinternal. Internal insulation board. More STEICOprotect. ETICS (External Thermal Insulation Compound System) made from natural wood fibre. More

The Iso panel is available with two different types of thermal insulation: expanded rigid polystyrene foam (EPS), 20 kg m³, or rock wool, 160 kg m³. Both panels are covered with a 5 mm thick MDF board on both sides. The real wood veneer surface is available in all types of wood, untreated (sanded or sawn), lacquered, oiled