This outdoor water park uses modified wood as both decking and functional lounging pieces. By using a versatile material, . moisture and wear. Modified wooden pool decks feel soft and cool underfoot, unlike composite decks, and serve as an incredibly durable platform that won't require replacement.

When the Marion County Florida Parks & Recreation Department built a new river access at the Blue Run of Dunnellon Park in 2012, it chose high-performance composite decking with fully encapsulated wood fibers for a durable deck surface. The water- and insect-resistant deck boards enabled the county

decking products make the great outdoors even greater by inspiring care-free living while making a statement. See more ideas about Outdoor living, Decks and Guitar. Water-resistant composite decking is the only brand that can be used in ground contact without voiding the warranty.

's DockSider composite decking stands up to the elements and is tough enough to resist damage from sun, sea, sand, and salt, even in high-traffic areas like boardwalks, amusement parks, stadiums, and universities. DockSider is great for commercial use. DockSider Decking offers many benefits for those

Wood plastic composite application. It has a very wide application by the water bank, bridges, overpasses, park landscape division, private garden, etc, it is water-proof, antiseptic, and durable to different weather. Wood plastic composite Decking Instrallation. WallongWPC Certification. Our Company Profile.

The dream of a low-maintenance outdoor oasis is well within reach with ReliaBoard composite decking materials. plank stands up to all the elements that come with docks, marinas, pools and other near-water applications, and even heavily used public places like boardwalks, theme parks, stadiums and universities.

It encapsulates the wood surfaces coated, protecting your wood components from moisture, insects, and even UV rays. Coating wood products with the poly coating can easily double the life of materials used outdoors — even for structures built in water. Over the years, we have coated many zoo and theme park products