Anyway, here are my current thoughts in a nutshell: The best composite decking on the market in our opinion is Transcends. . terms of durability they are about the same except that you can't leave a rubber mat on the XLM because it does something weird and the moisture that gets trapped underneath turns it white.

Grey and white decking with white vinyl railing looks great on any deck. At we offer cheap vinyl railing and decking. Creating your dream deck couldn't be any easier! Contact us today for more info on how this can be done!

"David Foulke was at our home in VA to apply Deckmax after we reported a white haze on our Timbertech XLM deck. . I just wanted to let everyone at DeckMax know what a superb product they have with DeckMax Green. I just had it applied to my 5 year old and very faded Procell deck. It turned [ ]

CertainTeed Vinyl Decking is a great, low maintenance, weather resistant and highly durable alternative to traditional wood decking. Turn any unsightly deck underside into a beautiful ceiling, giving you even more space for outdoor entertaining. UnderShield provides a unique guard to divert precipitation away from

Your Duradek deck maintenance is virtually non-existent. To keep your deck looking its best is as easy a seasonal cleaning and annual inspection.

Cleaning Your Vinyl Deck. Keeping your plastic deck covering looking great is easy. For optimal upkeep, we recommend cleaning your PVC deck membrane twice a year using a multipurpose cleaner. To remove stubborn spots on your waterproof deck, turn to specialty deck cleaners to do the job. Avoid using chlorine

While doing this, be aware that dead mildew usually turns white. This is a good way to figure out how well the mildew is doing, and whether you need to apply more bleach. Once the mildew is dead, you can go over your vinyl deck with soap and water to wash away any leftover mildew. Applying vinegar weekly can prevent

#9. 08-04-2009, 05:28 PM. Re: Bewaire of decking staining and fading . What is this heat treatment. Can you explain the process so I can repair my deck. The white discoloration is very unsightly and wont come off.

A wide variety of building materials including concrete, wood products, vinyl siding and many others are subject to potential mold growth. White or hazy residue from mineral deposits (efflorescence) can leach out of stone and masonry materials after water evaporates leaving the deposits behind. Minerals