Are There Better Alternatives on the Market? photo credit: Traditional Pool. In a word, no. Cool deck is everything you need in a pool deck coating. It is easy to apply, range of colors. Cool deck is easy to clean, keeps the pool deck surface cool even during the hottest of summers, and is relatively inexpensive.

Instead of paying for costly pool deck repair, perhaps it's time to ditch your old flooring material in favor of a safer, more Eco-friendly alternative. Not only are our rubber-based decks affordable, they will brighten and enhance the look of your home in ways that would otherwise be impossible with a traditional deck. Over the

In addition to the pools it has sold for 25 years, Rondeau's company now promotes spraypads, inexpensive alternatives modeled after the interactive Whether they're called spraypads, splash playgrounds, water playgrounds or wet decks, these features include a series of vertical jets that allow users to

Composite decking, like decking, is a great low-maintenance alternative to wood. The industry had some growing pains in the past Choose composite lumber decking based on your budget; style and color preferences; fastener choice; and site and code requirements. Quality composite decking, like decking,

Let's examine the potential advantages and drawbacks when considering a lawn pool deck and choosing between the natural and imitation forms. Then you can decide if grass for some or all of your pool area makes sense for your budget, desired outdoor design, and preferences for backyard living.

Pebble Tec was developed as an alternative to plaster for pools with natural or manufactured stone decks and coping. It's composed of tiny pebbles in a polymer resin that is far more algadzce resistant and low maintenance. Glass Tile Pool Cipriano Landscape Design Mahwah, NJ. Glass tile swimming pools are a high end

Wood Decks. Wooden decks add to the natural beauty of the outdoors. This is a suitable option if you understand the care and maintenance required. Pine is a common choice for pool decks because it's inexpensive, but teak is a more durable option. Teak is naturally resistant to mold, mildew and insects. You can also

The increasingly popular interlocking concrete pavers are a good alternative to plain concrete, and are designed to resemble cobblestones, granite, tile, or traditional bricks. Keep in mind when using interlocking pavers for pool decking that patterns formed from lots of smal units can appear busy .MORE

Get a pool patio to match your style at a price that doesn't leave you high and dry. This patio is made of concrete stamped with a slate skin pattern as a more affordable option to natural stone. Mediterranean Patio by Keystone Kool Deck comes at a slightly lower cost than other patio materials.

Are inexpensive inground pools just a myth? Not necessarily. Here are 5 tips on getting a swimming pool that's both awesome and affordable. Finally, before you commit to getting an inground pool, make sure you consider some of the more affordable alternatives. Semi inground pools are cheaper, while

Owners of above ground pools face a common problem — what kind of deck do you put around the outside of the pool, if any? Having no deck means that swimmers take the ladder straight from the grass into the pool, which means you're cleaning grass and dirt out of the pool more often than you'd care to.

The cost of mending the surface will depend on the size of your pool, the material it's made from and where you live. If you're stuck on plaster or on a tight budget, O'Hanlon and Maroney say resurfacing a pool with plaster will cost $3.60 to $4 per foot, but may vary based on pool size and other factors

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A downside to wood plastic composite decking is that, while it's made to have a similar appearance to timber, this is not always the case and many options it can look cheap or fake. It is also not resistant to mold or mildew, therefore making it less appealing for decks that will be exposed to rain or are located near pool areas.

An above ground swimming pool is a much cheaper alternative to the in ground pool. With a bit of thought, you can make these pools look really cool. Even in the smallest backyard. Try adding a deck like this one. Add an outdoor table, some chairs & a BBQ. They look really terrific.

So I have an Intex pool as well. And I do not have a deck around it (would like one though, maybe next year.) The "tackiness" of an above ground pool is just the rich snobs mad now because a pool use to be for them, but now there are cheap alternatives for us poor folk. Put up an above ground pool. Put up

They're resurfacing pools and adding decking and water features for homeowners eager to make their pool more of a showplace and their backyard an extension of their home. If you're in the market for a pool remodel, here are popular add-ons and upgrades. The prices are estimates for an average-size