Building a retaining wall with blocks from Lowe's is easy with these steps. Get project details for this DIY retaining wall, here: 1cIGuSF. For more ideas to improve your home, check out Lowe's How-To Library or our other social media channels: Lowe's - how-to-library

Give your plain landscape a stunning makeover with a block retaining wall.

Landscape: Diy Retaining Wall Lowes Landscaping Blocks Build A Retaining Wall.

Make a rain barrel stand from retaining wall blocks.this looks so much nicer than building a wooden stand. . Lowes site - Red Basic Concrete Retaining Wall Block (Common: x Actual: x this and gray Z .. Home Building Materials Landscaping Materials Retaining Wall Materials 11 1 2 Click image for a larger view.

Use retaining wall blocks, caps and leveling sand to give your lawn a sense of uniformity and order. Dealing with an uneven landscape? Hardscaping is a great solution. Build your own stone wall or retaining wall. Looking for unique ideas to add dimension to your yard? Try a railroad tie retaining wall and landscaping ties

1. Mudnose4004 years ago. yea if U want to have orange paint all over your hose!. Read more. Show less. Reply 1. Erik Carlson4 years ago. Why would you waste a bag of sand to pour over the hose?? Why not just trace the outline out with a can of spray paint?? Pssh Lowes. . Read more. Show less.

In this installment of home improvement do-it-yourself videos, brought to you by Lowe's, host Mike Kraft, one of Lowe's home improvement experts, demonstrates a landscaping technique that shows you how to create a retaining wall with interlocking wall blocks, that features a raised planter bed. Mike gives

Use the examples below as guides and adjust them to fit your project. Your material needs may vary depending on your specific design. Before you buy materials or begin work, check local building codes and your homeowner's association regulations to see if there are any restrictions or requirements you need to follow.

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There are many styles of retaining wall designs, depending on your needs, the amount of earth that needs to be retained and the surrounding landscape. Here are just a few examples: Block with stucco or plaster: Grace says this type of wall is versatile because you can build it to any height or shape you want, have a variety