Aluminum vs. steel railings: which material is the master? Comparing durability Although most people think of rust as a visual problem primarily, it can also eat away at a railing material, making it unsafe. Aluminum, on the Steel is tremendously difficult to install due to its hefty weight. Transporting it and

Railings have no standard for design, type or materials when building them. With all the options available, it's not necessary to spend a lot of money for your railings. You can use almost anything that works for aesthetics, safety and function depending on application and local building codes. Certain

Outdoor stair railings and indoor stair railings generally have the same purpose in that they both assist in providing safer conditions for individuals using the stairs. The major difference is that outdoor railings are subject to weather conditions that normally require the use of different materials than those required for indoor

For this reason, we encourage you to peruse the best materials for outdoor handrails before making your final selection. other less-than-perfect picks include stainless steel, which typically requires weatherproofing to maintain its appearance, and wrought iron, which is very heavy and difficult to install.

Carbon steel is the least expensive of the three main types of steel used in railing systems, and is best suited for indoor use with minimal exposure to environmental contaminates. Unlike stainless steel, carbon steel's low resistance to corrosion means a protective coating is necessary. The most popular