High strength thermosetting plastic composites provide static strengths comparable to some metals while having densities slightly greater than water and an acoustic impedance comparable to aluminum. To evaluate their use as ultrasonic resonators measurements were made of their density, extensional sound velocity

with the density. The ultrasonic parameters measured at 2.5 MHz are reported here. [Keywords: Ultrasonic properties, Acoustic impedance, Medical plastics, Transmission coefficient]. IPC Code: G 10K 11 00. 1 Introduction. The term plastic refers to a family of materials, which includes nylon, polyethylene and PTFE. The.

Plastics, Resins, and Phenolics. Longitudinal Velocity. Shear Velocity. Density. g cm3. Acoustic Impedance. g cm2-sec x105. cm µs. in µs. cm µs. in µs. Acrylic Resin .267 .1051 .112 .0441. 1.18. 3.151. Bakelite .259 .102. N A. N A. 1.40. 3.626. Bakelite (cloth filled) .271 .1067. N A. N A. N A. N A. Cellulose Acetate .245 .0965.

Wood is one of the main materials used for making musical instruments due to its outstanding acoustical properties. Despite such unique properties, its inferior mechanical properties, moisture sensitivity, and time- and cost-consuming procedure for making instruments in comparison with other materials (e.g., composites).

Tables of Acoustic Properties of Materials. We offer a comprehensive list of material properties for your reference. If you have any material properties that you would like to contribute, please contact info ondacorp.com. Materials are listed in order of hardness. If there is an abbreviation in one of the tables you do not

acoustic impedance and sound velocity for different materials.

The acoustic properties of plastics, when plotted over broad ranges of frequencies and temperature, are usually determined by the glass transition temperatures of the particular plastic material. At temperatures above the glass transition temperature, Tg, the sound speed is greatly reduced and sound absorption is greatly.

Doppler Ultrasound Compatible Plastic Material for Use in Rigid Flow Models Emily Y. Wong et al 2008 Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology 34 1846. Crossref. Effects of Sub-100 nm Platinum Metal Particle on the Acoustic Attenuation Properties of Silicone Rubber Lens for Medical Array Probe Yohachi et al 2006 Japanese

String instruments are made with wood and brass instruments, metal - so there are clearly important acoustic properties. However, many expensive headphones are made with plastic (top of the line Beyers, Senns, AKG, Ultrasone), and plastic didn't exist when violins trumpets were first created. I'm not