Impact Resistant. Wall Solutions Protect Walls in High Traffic Interiors. New York, NY — Wolf-Gordon introduces RAMPART, a collection of impact-resistant Studio, RAMPART is a superior wall protection solution that performs as well as leading rigid rigid sheet panels may be more than what is required.

Versatile Translucent Panel. Quadwall panels with special light transmitting high-impact insert, specifically engineered for human impact resistance; Visually pleasing translucent glazing panels; Wide selection of glazing color options; Superior light diffusion; Matte finish option for elegant appearance

The High Impact APS-3 Panel has all the characteristics of the standard APS-3 panel with two added benefits. The harder face of the panel is more resistant to damage, and the panel will have a more tackable face than the standard APS-3. This panel has applications in gymnasiums, hallways, conference

A high impact, moisture resistant, wall panel system and methods for mounting a high impact, moisture resistant wall panel to an existing structure are disclosed herein. A high impact, moisture resistant wall panel includes an inert substrate composed of a high density inorganic material, wherein the

Decoustics High Impact Resistant Tackable (H.I.R. #1) acoustic panel consists of a medium density core with a high density veil. The panel has high impact resistance and a smooth finish which is ideal for the application of lightweight, thin or "low texture" fabrics which traditionally cannot be stretch-applied. This panel.

Impact resistant wall protection systems, designed to keep your facility looking as good in two years as it did on opening day. With our award winning Acrovyn, you Read More. Wall Panels. Wherever your space is likely to suffer from impact damage, Acrovyn Panels can provide a strong aesthetic and protective solution.

Our AlphaSorb High Impact Acoustic Panel provides a durable high impact resistant and tack-able surface. These panels are used in areas needing durable, abuse resistant sound absorption or a tack-able surface. AlphaSorb High Impact Wall Panels are constructed using a 6-7# rigid fiberglass acoustical core

acoustic walls, are your requirements more decorative, or both? Ecophon offers two different surface materials, with many visual options. Super G. Super G has an impact resistant surface that is suitable in environments where the panels need to be more robust. For example: If installing wall panels in a gymnasium, Super G

Where the potential for impact and or penetration into the wall cavity is much higher, damage can be more severe, and to address these extreme conditions, abuse-resistant and impact-resistant gypsum panels have been developed. Understanding the difference in performance between abuse-resistant and impact-resistant

Choose a size, thickness, edge detail, and fabric for your project. Fabric panels can even be printed with custom images. Fabric-wrapped corners, impact-resistant panels, and curved panels can be tailored to specific project needs. Made-to-order Mitered Edge Detail. Made-to-order Edge Details. Wall Systems. 3

o Construction Efficiency Impact-Resistant Gypsum Panels make the process of constructing interior walls capable of handling elevated levels of bumps, blows and abuse more efficient than alternative building materials like masonry or architectural composite panels. Its installation simplicity, speed and lower initial cost