lengths. Tongue & Groove Profile: 5 4” T&G. - Available in 12', 16', 20' and 24' lengths. I.Dekk trim boards are available in two profiles: Feature Strips: Provides an attractive divider strip on the main deck. - Available in 12' lengths. Perimeter Strip: Provides an attractive alternative picture frame of the main deck. - Available

use our feature strip as a divider rather than butting boards end-to-end. The amount of open air space under the deck will determine which boards need to be used. Open air space is defined as: The distance from the grade to the TOP of the joists. ▫ 24” or more of open air space: Either. Tongue & Groove or Traditional

s. Decking designed to make you look good .0207 eck.com er. Strip the Tongue & Groove board], set GeoDeck far ahead of all other decks we build. the deck in about 8 hours. I spent more time removing the old wooden deck! I will recommend this system to all of my friends. My yard is now a showcase. Thank you for a

Positioning the starter strip on a DIY tongue-and-groove composite deck. From HomeSkills: Building Decks by Editors of Cool Springs Press. Position the starter strip at the far end of the deck. Make sure it is straight and properly aligned. Attach it with 2 1 2″ galvanized deck screws driven into the lower

Secure with a polyurethane adhesive and or brad nail. Cover exposed pressure-treated lumber used for framing with GeoDeck Fascia Board. Secure with the same fasteners that were used for securing the deck. When using Tongue & Groove boards, you can use the. GeoDeck Finish Strip to cover the tongue side of any.