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Acoustical wood panels and planks combine wood beauty with acoustical performance into a simple installation package for walls and ceilings. Finely detailed face grooves, along with complementary back perforations, create very small, yet frequent channels to capture sound. Factory-attached acoustic fabric on the back

It employs our patented method of fiberglass capsules inserted into the wood panel. Fine grooves which open into the fiberglass capsules are milled into the panel face. A variety of attachment methods are used to suspend the Acoustic Wood series. Individual Acoustic Planks (3100) are suspended like our linear ceilings,

Ambienta Akustik Plus panels and planks are available in multiple finishes; Natural Wood Veneer, High Pressure Plastic Laminate, Melamine and paint and the ideal standard panel size and is supplied complete with Ambienta Facade Steel frame for a perfect solution for large wall displays as well as for room acoustic

Wooden Acoustic Panels. WoodTrends genuine wood veneered acoustical panels provide quality and dependability, as well as innovation and creativity, in a wall and ceiling panel system. The look and effect of the materials are an excellent architectural feature in any room to create a modern, pleasing look, along with an

The Acoustical Wood Collection allows designers to create a beautiful wood finished lobby, auditorium, music room, office, conference room, church or restaurant without excessive noise and reverberation. Kinetics offers three different product configurations: Panels, Planks, and the all-in-one Ensemble. Available in your

Slotted Wood Products, planks and panels for wall or ceiling.

acoustic panelling. See More. EccoTone Wooden Soundproofing Panels Perforated 6 Staggered · Soundproof PanelsProject 4Project BoardAcoustic PanelsStudio DesignDesign StudiosWood CeilingsCustom WoodPlanks

Discover creative, new methods for effective acoustic control in any interior space, including open offices, conference rooms, public spaces and auditoriums.

Encore Acoustical Wood Panels come in seven different Series and are designed to combine the qualities of wood appearance with acoustical performance in a simple to install EN1 features acoustic planks with grooved faces and intersecting perforations drilled partially into the backside for both ceilings and walls.

These panels feature a Class A fire rating per the requirements of ASTM E1264. The elegance, warmth and majesty of true wood; Natural wood veneers; Standard panel sizes of 2'x2', 2'x4' and linear; Plank sizes: 1'x4', 1'x5', 2'x6', 2'x8', 20"x60", 30"x60"; Acoustical options, with an integrated acoustical backer; Class A fire

Topakustik USA provides grooved, perforated, and micro-perforated acoustical wooden planks and panels to improve sound absorption for walls and ceilings.

American Architectural Millwork manufactures and distributes wood panels, wood wallcovering, wall panel systems, exterior cladding systems and acoustical wood products. Acoustical planks are available from inventory in top selling species and ship wity fasteners in a matter of days. Learn More. Board Room Acoustical

Solo Dark Core Wood Acoustical Plank for Ceilings and Walls Solo Dark Core is an acoustical wood plank product with a natural wood veneer finish and dark core that is available for both ceiling Category: absorbers acoustic ceilings ceiling MasterFormat: Acoustical Ceilings Special Wall Surfacing Acoustic Board

Navy Island's wood acoustic ceiling planks provide the appearance of solid lumber with the performance of the world's most sound absorbent acoustic panels.

Superior Acoustic Properties With The Warm Aesthetic Quality Of Wood; Can Be Used For Both Ceiling and Wall Applications; Simple Installation Process; Available As Flat, Curved, Large Format Panels, and Linear Planks; Wide Variety of Wood Veneers, With Standard and Custom Finishes; Custom Border Trims With A