Some guest readers of Ngbuzz forum topics come on Social networks to ask why they cannot reply or comment on topics they read on the website; My usual response is, "you can reply, and post to topics after you have successfully registered and Logged in" Only members can see the REPLY button at the

Helo, i have been develop with Drupal for some time and now i need render the comment reply form on the same page where comments are and hide some custom fields that i add to the comments. I know how to change the comment add form my custom comment-wrapper.tpl.php but don't see where

This question is in reference to Atlassian Documentation: Comment on pages and blog posts From the knowledgebase it seems that I should be able to.

This should provide us the basic authentication needed to secure comment replies from random address spoofing, but doesn't really fix the problem of people forwarding emails to others, and then others malicously masquerading as the originator. Just have trustworthy friends ;-). Log in or register to post

You can post or reply to comments in courses with comment-enabled slides. Open Course On the My Learning page, click the name of your course.

I posted a comment, and it disappeared and now I can't post on any comments? I made another account and i was able to post, just fine. How do I get unbanned from posting on comments, and how to see why i was banned? 1 Kudo. Reply · All forum topics · Previous Topic · Next Topic. 20 REPLIES.

Hi, Is anyone else experiencing this bug on the latest FB v 16 on iOS 8.1? 1. Open Facebook app. 2. Find a comment you like but don't click like yet! 3. Double-tap on Reply to reply to the comment, it should take you into the replies screen. 4. Back out of the Replies screen, then find the comment again then

I see this post is from 4 months ago, just wondered whether this functionality was ever added? The ability to reply to blog comments from customers is an big part of customer service - not a 'nice to have', it's essential. Adding another unrelated comment in reply is NOT the same - if I have many comments

Users must be registered and logged in to comment: This option will only allow registered users of your site to post comments. Automatically close comments on Enable threaded (nested) comments _____ levels deep: Enabling threaded comments allows your users to reply to one another. A reply to a comment is shown

Defaults to 'respond'; reply_text: (string) only used if they can post a reply. Defaults to 'Reply'. login_text: (string) only used if the user must log in or register first before posting a comment. Defaults to 'Log in to leave a comment'. depth: (integer); before: ("string") the html or text to add before the reply link; after: ("string") the

Official Canvas Document The best part of community engagement is adding comments to content and posting replies to questions or discussion.