Create a "wow" look in your window boxes with double petunias. Their ruffled flowers create a lot more interest than their more traditional cousins. Enjoy their elegant blooms on the plant or snip a couple and float them in a glass of water for a wonderful little accent or summer centerpiece. A. Petunia 'Ruffle Pink' -- 2

14 Results Self watering window boxes and flower boxes reduce stress on plants. A selection of window box planters. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Gardener's Supply.

Wheels are a bit tricky to get on without breaking. We had to hammer in all 4 wheels on three planters. Finally figured out pounding on a small block of wood between the two circles worked best to get the right leverage. Great to move about the deck and catch all the sun throughout the day. Extra water storage keeps plants

TOH general contractor Tom Silva shows you how to install it, and TOH landscape contractor Roger Cook tells you how to fill it and maintain it.

Add a splash of color and visual interest to your home with a traditional wooden window box. These charming wood boxes have been used for centuries the world over to dress up plain, somber windows. And now you can install one in just an hour or so with a minimal amount of effort or expense. Here, This Old House

Flower boxes attached to porch and deck railings help to fill empty space between flowering plants in the ground and those in baskets hanging from porch ceilings. Additionally, the method requires either adding small "feet" to elevate each flower box slightly or drilling drainage holes in the boxes' sides to prevent water

5 easy tips for gorgeous window boxes this summer! release it as needed. 4 of my flower boxes are on our 2nd story and it is a pain to hang out the window and water them every day, these allow me to skip that chore more often. . I have window boxes that my husband made and attached to vinyl siding.

See more ideas about Window box flowers, Window boxes and Flowers for window boxes. Have you ever seen window boxes that looked gorgeous as well as some that looked overgrown or lopsided or water-logged?What is the The cleat is recessed inside the back of the box wall for easy mounting flush to your wall.

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