not a chance .you figure it's more than 8 pounds of weight per gallon of water plus the weight of the pool now if the guy is a professional and knows how to build a deck to hold a pool then maybe it's possible. I would check with your city and see if that's even legal it would have to be a very sturdy

A child's pool can be a convenient and exciting way for children to beat the heat during warm, summer months. These small, controlled environments are an ideal location for young children to learn the basics about swimming and pool safety. If you are thinking of placing a pool outside your home, you

I've seen recommendations of 100 lbs sq. ft. if you want to put a hot tub on the deck. And a hot tub holds way less water than even a small pool (typically around 500 gallons, which weighs about 4000 lbs or 2 tons -- a far cry from the weight of a medium sized pool. So how much live load does that 18 foot pool put on the deck

If you are putting in a small heated pool: on top of an existing deck, you are responsible for ensuring the deck is structurally sound and can carry the weight of the pool; into an existing deck, you may need a building consent for changing the structure of the deck. If you are putting in a new deck and the fall height is greater

"The lady was inside putting swimming trunks on the kids when she heard a boom, and when she looked outside the whole deck was gone," says town firefighter and police officer Mark Liebermann. "These people just didn't understand that you can't put a freakin' swimming pool on top of a deck." This was not a little wading

You could probably pour a concrete deck for less than you could build a wooden deck that substantial. Dave J. TFP Moderator Can I use sand under the pool and landscape around it, then when I take the pool down sit the fire pit in the middle of the sand and chairs benches around? Is this possible?

Using air compressor on the Easy Set inflatable top ring setting up pool on a wood deck or balcony skimming the installation instructions and not watching the DVD! As you can see there's a right way and a wrong way to set up your Intex pool for the summer. Take your time to do it right, especially with

Where you put your pool and deck is one of the biggest decisions you will need to make for this project. You will want your pool far enough away from your house so it is not out your back door, but close enough your can keep an eye on anyone that is swimming in it. You might hear the word deck and think of of attached to

They can be made of poured concrete, precast concrete pavers or natural stone such as Pennsylvania bluestone or limestone. The materials that you use for a patio should coordinate with the other hardscape materials you use around your house so that there is a cohesive style or look. "Provide enough terrace area to put

See More. Above ground pools can be even more beautiful than their expensive counterparts! .. Round small above ground pool deck ideas for small spaces So you are dreaming to have a beautiful swimming pool in your backyard but small space become the Above Ground Pool Deck Plans - How to Build a Pool Deck

You would simply build a retaining wall around the perimeter of the pool 18 inches tall and leave the remaining 18 inches of the shell above grade. This wall and exposed backfill material would then be covered by the framed deck. This method performs well but can be a bit costly depending on the

The reason i dont like the above ground pool is because if a kid happens to get in you can't see in and i freak out about it. Now if there a deck i like you can look down into the pool. . Six months after we put our pool, deck and walkaround in our neighbor 2 doors down put in an above ground oval pool.

Unstable subgrade is the primary culprit in cracking, shifting and settling in concrete around pools. We can all agree that concrete is only as good as what you put it on top of. Let's explore the reasons for unstable subgrade around pools. When a pool is installed, the top of the finished walls all have to be