4. Materials selection for frangible structures. 4.1 Safety. 4.2 Radio frequency transparency. 4.3 Corrosion and environmental resistance. 4.4 Environmental impacts. 5. Design considerations for frangible support structures in approach lines. 5.1 Frangibility. 5.2 Stability. 5.3 Installation, maintenance & safety.

perimeter fencing. Modifications to existing fencing are not required to meet this new. UFC. Impact: The following direct benefits will result: This document does not set the requirement for security operations at the installation perimeter. No additional cost impacts are anticipated by the publication of this

Read about our Echo Advisory Airfield Mat System to control vegetation around airport post lighting, directional signs, wind socks, fences and buildings. United States Different types of ground fixations for inset and elevated fittings including tripod stands, base plates, elbow tubes, frangible couplings and masts. FAA; ICAO

All windsock masts are manufactured from frangible glassfibre with a UV resistant gel coat finish, coloured red and white as standard. The windsock is supported on a stainless steel framework, designed to rotate 360 degree around the mast and to hold the throat of the windsock fully open in all wind conditions. Rotation is

Transpo's Pole-Safe Omni-Directional Breakaway Support System features couplings designed to be used on poles located within roadside clear zones and other locations vulnerable to impacts. The primary component of the system is a high-strength coupling, engineered to break away quickly and cleanly upon impact.

Wherever the Instrument Landing System (ILS) transparency, heavy duty construction, safety tested, maintenance free, thermally stable, and easy installation are key factors, reinforced composites are strongly gaining ground on conventional materials. Exel Composites, having long experience in

Superior Safety Performance; Offers Exceptional Resistance to Forces Created by Wind and Dead Loads; Can be Used on a Large Range of Configurations; No Special Tools or Equipment Needed for Installation; Couplings and Hardware are Hot-Dip Galvanized in Accordance with ASTM A153 to Provide Corrosion-

a lightweight frangible fence should be installed when located between frangible approach lighting towers or when located to protect the ILS critical and sensitive to climb due to absence of cross bars in the panels and the sharp; saw-toothed top; designed and tested to withstand jet blasts; UV-resistant and non-corrodible.

(Cl. 52-496) ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE An impact frangible and bendable connector assembly for installation in an overall upright structure, such as a The purpose of the invention is to provide such connector or coupling assemblies for installation in resulting upright structures which effectively predetermine both

Fuse bolts (including frangible or neck-down bolts),; Special material bolts (including alloy bolts),; Frangible couplings,; Tear-through fasteners (including . Impact Load. A sudden application of a load or force by an object moving with high velocity. g. Low Impact Resistant Supports (LIRS). Supports designed to resist