—Decorative and functional design elements to include in your backyard resort. tanning-ledge-inground-pool.jpg. Would you like to make the experience around your backyard pool the most enjoyable one possible for your family? When you're ready to design a new concrete (gunite or shotcrete) swimming

What types of pool surfaces are available? Basically there are two finishes commonly used today in pool resurfacing — quartz and pebble finish. How do you add a bench or sunseat to our existing pool? SurfSide Pools will design a new plan for your pool that offers many choices in the location of benches, expanded steps

Add Sun Beach Shelves, Benches And Steps. Have you ever thought of adding a Sun Beach Shelf , an extra bench, a table or stools, or how about another set of steps to your pool…We can do that!! V__B7BA. V__3EA3. SM-Bev-Table_Adirondack_sm. Morales 1. WP__002. Carrillo 4. V__2F13. Your pool is your

An alternative to a stair or ladder? A love seat on the edge of the deep end results in making the liner installation easier and another way to leave the poo

Adding a Pool Seat. The Pool Seat object is used to create benches, platforms, and tanning ledges. Pool seats can be placed underwater at any depth required, or can rise slightly above the water line to provide a dry surface. To add a pool seat: 1. Click the Add Pool Seat button that is found near the top of the screen under

Inground Swimming Pools. Medallion Pools is your source for vinyl liner stairs and benches for inground swimming pools. From our corner stairs, to our custom recessed and wall to walls stairs, to our custom benches; no one compares to Medallion. Are you preparing to install a new inground swimming pool? For a just a

Thinking of adding a tanning bench or a baha bench to your pool? Or possibly looking to convert your diving pool to a shallow pool? If so, it's important to make sure you are making the right choice when it comes to who you hire for the project. So, as an FYI, the low bid for the project should never be

We have included useful tips on selecting your own building materials to “build” your pool package at Seattle market prices. Start your Even on a simple pool project you can personalize your outdoor addition with a choice of add-on features with standard or upgraded material. For example . Pool Bench Shelf Gallery.

Earlier this week, Larry laid out how to install steps and seats in your inground vinyl pool. Today, we take a look at the options available to a DIY pool builder for Steps, Seats and Benches used on a vinyl liner pool. There are probably more step and seat options than you care to consider; with so many