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HomeAdvisor's Retaining Wall Cost Guide provides estimated prices for building materials (precast concrete blocks, stone, wood, brick, boulder, gabion, If you're not sure about buying used materials for your project, there are a number of companies which manufacture new planks for building with the same visual appeal.

The most recently developed material for building a retaining wall is pre-cast interlocking concrete stone blocks (also called modular or segmental units) which lock To build an entire wall would be difficult as the driveway was just paved and getting the old blocks out would be very, very difficult and unless the new blocks

When you contemplate how to build a retaining wall, you may imagine how firm and solid it'll appear from the front, or how great the new garden will look above it. . Use sandy or gravelly materials, which compact much better. Many modular block manufacturers can supply printed sheets of structural information.

Eliminating the need for new materials can help reduce retaining wall project costs. Fuapau of 4Sons Concrete says they can build a retaining wall using recycled concrete taken from other projects or even concrete that's been demoed at the current project site. Most concrete companies offer a reduced rate for recycled

The retaining wall at my older home is in sad shape. A contractor told me that if I don't tear it down immediately and replace it, my house foundation that's six feet away will collapse along with the retaining wall. I don't know what to do. The repair cost I was quoted is many thousands of dollars. Can my

You've been spending so much time on projects inside your home (like that new shower you have to drag yourself out of), that your front yard is starting to scream for a bit of attention. Poor neglected, thing. You know your yard has some super curb appeal potential, but where to begin? Check out the National Association of

Don't let your remodeling budget go over-board by hidden surprises understand what the average installed costs for Stone Retaining Wall is in your zip code by using our handy calculator. If you're looking for 2018 breakdown for Cost of Stone Retaining Wall materials and what installation cost might be, you've come to

Description: The classic Anchor Diamond block with a new, textured face is the contractor's choice for retaining wall construction. Price per pallet: $210.60 ($5.85 per block, 36 blocks per pallet) Refundable pallet deposit: $15 per pallet. Price per block sold individually: $6.85. Block Size: 8”H x 18”W x 12”D Face Feet per

Discover four retaining wall design basics base, backfill, drainage & height that will help ensure you get a quality wall when hiring a landscaping contractor. Fourth, it's important to know that the height of a retaining wall determines the load it can bear and how much extra reinforcement will be necessary. Typically

Read this helpful guide from Foundation Repair Services, explaining the cost of retaining wall repair and the factors that affect the cost. If the repair requires a new design, then you will pay designing costs. Then, the materials to repair the wall will add to the cost. Many factors will increase or decrease this