Lattice Transmission Towers (LTT) and the associated transmission line systems are important infrastructure in modern society. Due to the complicated load conditions Each end-node of the modelled cables had two degrees of freedom corresponding to the horizontal and vertical translations [44]. In order to simulate the

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1COMP Centre of Excellence, Department of Applied Physics, Aalto University, FI-00076 Aalto, Finland. 2Department of Physics and .. the FFLO state on the lattice sites b and c of panel (a) for σ =↑, ↓ are plotted in brings about a significant degree of freedom to future ex- periments aimed to realize

The purpose of the Computing Advisory Panel (CAP) is to advise the STFC Executive on the strategy for, and management of, provision for computing resources (including data handling, data storage, software and hard provisions, skills, and developments in high performance and high throughput computing) in support of

b Department of Physics and Helsinki Institute of Physics, University of Helsinki, FIN-00014 Helsinki, Finland c Kavli Institute for of non-Abelian gauge theories on a spacetime lattice, we present a selection of results U(1) ''phantom'' field, which cancels the extra U(1) degree of freedom of U(N) [120].

P.O. Box 64, FI-00014 University of Helsinki, Finland b Kavli Institute for .. fundamental degrees of freedom in the lattice regularization of the theory are a discrete (and finite, if one considers a .. Figure 3: Left-hand side panel: Comparison of bare SU(4) Polyakov loops in the fundamental representation

7.3.2 Sandwich Panel Manufacture 160. 7.4 Dynamic and Blast Loading of Lattice Materials 161. 7.4.1 ExperimentalMethod Drop-hammer Impact Tests 161. 7.4.2 ExperimentalMethod Blast Tests on Lattice Cubes 162. 7.4.3 ExperimentalMethod Blast Tests on Composite-lattice Sandwich Structures 163. 7.5 Results

Aalto University School of Science, FI-00076 Aalto, Finland. Massimiliano Di Ventra‡ . the motional degrees of freedom [44], a result that reignited the debate on the meaning of negative . gantly realized using cold atoms in optical lattice [54, 89, 90], Wannier-Stark ladder in periodic potentials [91, 92]

Shop freedom (actual: 5.66-ft x 5.65-ft) pre-assembled wellington white vinyl semi-privacy panel in the fence panels section of Panels can be installed to step over terrain; Neighbor friendly panel - same look on both sides; Panel features 1 3 4-in x 2 3 4-in rails and classic lattice insert; Transferable limited