The hardscape area around your swimming pool is called a surround, deck, or decking, even though it isn't always made of wood or composite, like traditional Pool decks and paved surfaces in the yard such as paths, patios, or steps are functional landscaping elements, adding usable space, creating a.

See More. Beautiful wooden decks around above ground pools Wood Deck around Inground Pool There are plenty of helpful suggestions pertaining to your woodworking undertakings Building a deck around your pool will give you a place to lay in the sun and somewhere to BBQ and eat with your family and friends.

HomeAdvisor's Deck Construction Cost Guide lists prices associated with building a deck including labor and materials, as reported by HomeAdvisor customers. You will also want to factor in the cost of landscaping the area around the deck to make everything look polished. Lighting is not only great for the ambiance;

Can I build a deck around an above ground pool? Yes, you can build a deck around above ground and in ground pools. Pool decking provides a great place to relax for your family, friends and guests. Pool decking can be constructed to extend over the edge of the pool for a totally seamless look and feel or finish flush with

Let me just start off saying a standard fiberglass pool is designed to be installed fully inground or partially above ground, but not for total on-ground You would simply build a retaining wall around the perimeter of the pool 18 inches tall and leave the remaining 18 inches of the shell above grade. This wall

So, now I was thinking instead I'd just build a deck with composite wood right over the existing concrete instead. Well, I haven't done it around a pool, but I rebuilt the back deck on my house over an old patio that had cracked and heaved. . 18'x 36' 110,000 Liter Inground Pool with 1-1 2" Lines.

A pool deck can instantly improve the look of your pool area, and it can also amp up the entertainment factor. How To Choose The You can purchase a kit that includes installation instructions and all the building materials you need. Vinyl and Wooden decks can be easy to maintain (depends on the wood you select). 4.