This will help reduce movement or twisting of the joists. Limiting joist movement can help reduce excessive gapping and also ensure more uniform finished surface of your UltraDeck . Using joist tape can lengthen the life of the decking substructure. Once you decide which way the deck boards will run, determine the span

Hollow decking also needs a screw at every junction where a joist meets the decking board [source: Descoteaux]. One final note: While most composite decking manufacturers offer warranties on their products, the warranty will be void if the installation does not precisely follow the manufacturer's directions, because a bad

Termites and ants can cause significant damage to a wood deck. If you notice hollow-sounding boards or notice small piles of wood-colored debris (termite droppings known as frass), you should call an exterminator to look for termites. Carpenter ants are also common culprits of deck damage, and you may

Screw into joists. bearers or substrate structure. Do not screw directly into the face of hollow boards. 8. Your new low maintenance Dura. Deck is ready to enjoy. First you will need to: A) Choose where you wish to install your deck. B) The final dimension. C) Choose which decking boards you want to use. D) Decide on the

If you're feeling ambitious or have just a small job, you also can slot the deck boards yourself with a router, a biscuit joiner, or a tablesaw. The trend toward more Some decking brands prohibit edge-slotting altogether, so you have to use a screw-on or drive-on fastening system. Other boards aren't

Composite plastic deck boards and decking can be fastened using a range of screws and clips. Generally There is no pre-drilling required, and to go with that, it often only needs one 'screw' per station as opposed to the two if screwing through the boards. A hollow section composite deck board, with fixing clip shown.

Competing decking technology brings you moldy composites, cracked vinyl, saggy boards, and heavy, water-logged capped composites. to reduce heat; Conductive heat-loss through hollow spaces; 3-truss I-Beam construction for support; Identical dimensions to 5 1 4" boards; Installs faster than the leading competition.

They can be solid throughout, or they may have a hollow, ribbed center to reduce weight. (Some solid-core You can also drive decking screws or stainless-steel trim-head screws through the top of the board, but be warned: This allows moisture to seep into the wood fibers, which can lead to rotting.

Deck Finishers. UltraShield has the following decking accessories available: colored head stainless steel screws,starter clips, hidden fastener systems, end caps The Locking Clip allows one side of the board to move while the other side of the board is locked down, so that both boards can conduct expand and contract

GORILLA DECK . G3 INSTALLATION. GUIDELINES. Gorilla Deck G3 is a wood-grain embossed PVC deck board system with a water-shedding design. The patented (U.S. Patent No. properly installed will give you years of enjoyment with low maintenance. in the hollow chamber of the starter strip. Apply caulk to the

Buy products related to composite deck screws and see what customers say about composite deck screws on FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible You Save: $1.04 (2%) They won't hold down the deck boards like a regular deck screw driven straight into the boards, but they do hold it secure. Will have

The composite deck boards worked with hidden fasteners, but the composite boards on the stairs required me to drill down I thought I was stuck hammering shavings until I stumbled across a hollow punch set at a tool store. I found the 3 16" hollow punch to If the plugs are too big, then it will mushroom out. Use a razor

A jig and screw kit allows fast installation of decking without pilot holes. The secret of the handy hidden fastener system is an augering screw that hogs out wood as it's driven, along with a special tool that holds it at the proper angle and acts as a b

Our hollow decking is fitted using a stainless steel hidden fixing system, that is quick, easy and secure. screw middle of the decking area (instead of un-clicking the whole hollow deck to get to the area you require, you could just put in a few Solid boards that can be just lifted out using the screws fixed down from the top.

Because hollow boards use less material to produce they are often cheaper to manufacture than solid deck boards, which means that hollow boards can be less expensive to buy, but are you really getting a better deal? Consider these facts before you make a decision: 1. Hollow boards can hold moisture

Now that you know what decking material you prefer, it's time to choose between grooved and ungrooved composite deck boards. The main difference between If you purchased grooved boards, you will drill screws into separate fasteners that also serve as spacers during installation. Because the fasteners used for