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I've kicked off the year full of enthusiasm to completely redesign decorate the house. Considering Ben's abilities in the interiors department (see: Limewood, Mr and Mrs Fox, Butcher and Baker) we've been surprisingly relaxed about our home. I guess that's one of the frustrations of renting, buttttt I know from

Accessories & Furniture,Picturesque White Build A Wooden Bench With Padded Foam Seat,Simple Minimalist Build A Wooden Bench Design .. 10 Unique Coffee Shops In Asia JJA Bespoke Architecture designed Elephant Grounds, a coffee shop in Hong Kong that emphasizes indoor-outdoor engagement thanks to it's

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Yet few malls have seating in their public outdoor space, Zimmerman says. Almost half the photos submitted to the campaign so far show seatless transport facilities and bus stops, followed by streets, areas in and around shopping malls, and miscellaneous locations such as commercial building lobbies.

Bench seat cushions… without the headache! Hey guys! You know I love a complicated DIY as much the next person (actually more, I would argue), but I have to admit sometimes I don't mind cutting corners. Particularly when it comes to simple projects that you can do in under 10 minutes, that add comfort

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Constructing a simple rectangle frame helps to distribute weight applied to the legs and seat of the bench and makes it easy to attach the post legs. Bench4b650. Line up two 9 1 2-inch pieces flush with the ends of the 48-inch pieces to create a long rectangle. Secure the pieces together with eight wood screws four screws

On the original MTR fleet the seats are a bit better, with each bench being broken up into individual seats. 'Seats' on Hong Kong's MTR trains. However on some of the busier lines even bench seats take up too much room, so 'bum racks' have been installed in their place. I believe the Island Line is the only