Pool Decks. Guidelines for designing a pool deck with slip resistance, sun reflectivity and orientation that suits almost any setting, budget and lifestyle. One of the biggest trends in outdoor design today is a decorative concrete pool deck, a colored, textured and inviting area surrounding the pool that does more than provide a

Keep in mind they do not come with a set of steps to get out of the pool, just on and off the deck from outside the pool. But we offer pool stairs for less than a hundred if you need one. These above ground pool decks cost a third or less than custom pool decks. The pictures below do not show the staircase,

which included with the pier blocks, joist hangers, and screws, pressure treated lumber. However, you can also get a free of charge deck plans with a detailed materials list, cost estimator and instructors from vendors of above ground pools.

Above-ground swimming pools are enjoying a resurgence in popularity. They cost less than in-ground pools, a point that not lost on pool shoppers.

Often when you see above ground pools, they are wrapped in raised decks, and surrounded by seating. On top of that, if you want to build a deck around the above-ground pool it will be an additional cost. With a bit of landscaping, this above ground pool looks like an integral and permanent part of this yards design.

Welcome to the Above Ground Pool Builder; today let's discuss pool decks. What are . Semi-In ground pools can be buried halfway into the ground thus a deck around this pool will require less materials. Builder From here your budget will dictate whether you need to scale down or add more options.