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s:\pw\bldg\b&s policy manual\public information sheets\standard detail sheets\retaining wall detail.vsd - Revised: 12 08 2008. PAGE 1 OF 2 Sand, pea gravel or other free draining backfill material. TYPICAL SECTION - (Rebar Location). Hold 2". Structure. "S". Vertical Cut. If the minumum(s) are not met, this standard plan

Concrete Retaining Walls. An overview of the most common types of retaining walls, construction methods, and how to give them a decorative face replicating stone or masonry By Jeff Girard, Structural Engineer. Retaining Walls Site ,. Retaining walls provide lateral support to vertical slopes of soil.

MSE WALLS. Wall Design Considerations. Backfill Selection and Testing. Shop Drawings. Wall Construction. Other Considerations retaining wall system selected for a.

Concrete Structures. 802.2.2. Reinforcing Steel. Reinforcing steel shall be of the size and type shown on the plans. 802.2.3. Construction Methods. Concrete retaining walls shall be constructed in accordance with the details shown on the plans and in conformance with the requirements of Item 701.2. Structural Excavation

Fairfax, VA 22030. Code Administration: 703-385-7830. Typical Retaining Wall. Detail. Based on the 2012 International Residential. Code Wall construction. The construction of a concrete masonry retaining wall shall conform to the dimensions and reinforcing steel requirements shown in Figure 3 and

retaining wall, unless a method to protect the structure, acceptable to both. 11. Drive piles located within the soil volume prior to construction of the. Extend surface treatment a minimum of 6" below final ground line. 10. For concrete facing panel surface treatment, see Wall Control Drawings. Drawings. colors or textures will

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6'-0" deadman drain pipe. FIGURE 2: TYPICAL FASTENERS FOR TIMBER RETAINING WALLS. SECTION 3: MASONRY WALL CONSTRUCTION. Wall construction. The construction of a concrete masonry retaining wall shall conform to the dimensions and reinforcing steel requirements shown in FIGURE 3 and TABLE 1.

Services Performed: Design of concrete cantilever retaining wall and box culvert wing wall as per Arema manual for railway engineering and the West Virginia highway standards specifications. Click here for the complete project drawings

Cantilevered retaining walls are made from an internal stem of steel-reinforced, cast-in-place concrete or mortared masonry (often in the shape of an inverted T). These walls cantilever loads (like a beam) to a large, structural footing, converting horizontal pressures from behind the wall to vertical pressures on the ground

Bridge. Structure Detail Drawings SD Drawing Number, Description, View SD Drawing as PDF, Download Microstation DGN as ZIP. SD 7.01-1, Retaining Wall (Reinforced Concrete Cantilever) (1 of 5) The method of measurement and bid item numbers for the retaining walls described above are summarized below.

Construction of retaining walls, except those less than 3 feet in height and not supporting surcharge, requires a permit and is regulated by A mortar key may be omitted if the first course of block is set into fresh concrete when the footing is poured and a good bond is obtained. VIII. WALL DRAINS. Wall drains, four inches

and obtaining your project specifications and or working drawings. MASONRY FENCE WALLS. And. RETAINING WALLS. Masonry wall construction is wherever solid, dependable and economical walls are required. As with all concrete masonry units (CMU), gray block is strong and weather resistant.

Concrete wall standard details. Effective The retaining wall retains less than 4 feet of material with or without a surcharge, unless the surcharge is caused by a building. One of these details should be attached to the each set of plans submitted with the application and the detail will serve as the structural plan for the wall.

ensure that the Retaining Wall's construction will not cause drainage problems to neighboring Residential. Inspector. Final Inspection. (118) . REINFORCED MASONRY OR CONCRETE RETAINING WALLS. Retaining Wall. (footing). Residential. Inspector or FIGURE 2: TYPICAL DEADMAN DETAIL

Conceptual details for accommodating concrete traffic barriers and beam guardrails are provided in Exhibit 730-12. Where impact to the wall elements is unavoidable, the wall system needs to be designed to accommodate these impacts. For example, it may be necessary to place drainage structures or

Architects and Engineers can look through our database of construction detail drawings, Google Sketch-Ups, design and construction manuals and fence and guardrail block specs to fully plan a retaining wall project. By using the specific diagrams and measurements of each of our concrete blocks, architects and engineers

Typical Construction drawings for large retaining wall block and big block retaining walls. 501 Independent Post and Beam Guardrail; 502 Cast-in-Place Concrete Traffic Barrier Profile; 503 Cast-in-Place Concrete Traffic Barrier Section; 504 Cast-in-Place Concrete Coping Profile; 505 Cast-in-Place

Whether the ReCon application focuses on the scale and aesthetics of the ReCon Block, the durability of the wet-cast, air-entrained concrete retaining wall blocks, the considerable gravity retaining wall heights that can be achieved, or the construction efficiencies associated with our product, it is our intention to solve site