In addition to its dark rich tones, this innovative hardwood product is also non-toxic, highly durable, and dimensionally stable. Cambia by NFP is offered as: siding; trim; ripped blanks; pulled widths; rough lumber. For complete information on our thermally modified line of products, please visit our Cambia by NFP website:

These domestic woods: Cypress, Ash, and Hackberry undergo the thermal treatment process in the Southeastern U.S.. With no chemicals added, this is a to kill bugs and larva in the wood. Thermo-treated wood is heated beyond 400° F, changing the molecular structure, resulting in a new generation of wood material.

Common products sold include siding, decking, flooring, millwork, and development and commercial success of thermally-modified wood (TMW) was only . Belgium, Turkey,. Israel, India, Australia,. New Zealand, Canada. Decking, lumber, pergolas, arbors, fencing, docks, siding. Southern yellow pine (TX and TN),.

The new $79 million Bell Museum Planetarium has siding of local white pine that has been installed to last. About 40 percent of the new museum's exterior is covered with locally sourced, thermally modified timber, or “cooked wood” as it has been dubbed. Designers believe the project is the largest

Thermally modified wood is redefining the properties, features and applications of natural wood in a wide spectrum of residential and commercial applications such as siding and In this new form, acetyl groups alter the original properties of the wood, making it more durable and dimensionally stable.

A versatile building material for indoor & outdoor applications, Arbor Wood Co. is a line of innovative thermally modified timber distributed by Intectural. Arbor Wood Co. is the new and innovative choice in modified wood applications. Produced from the abundant North Central forests of the USA, Arbor Wood Co. (AWCo)

The siding landscape is vast, consisting of a wide variety of options that include vinyl, brick, fiber cement, cellular PVC, various types of wood, stone, . “Thermally modified wood is a process whereby North American ash is shipped to Estonia, where it is placed under heat and steam,” says Kevin DeMars, principal of

Domestically, opportunities exist for Canadian manufacturers to develop new markets for thermally-modified wood products in Canada and the. US based on the changes in consumer preferences seen in Europe. Potential products include: hardwood flooring. siding and cladding. decking. sauna panelling and interior

Westwood technology is the most advanced, developed the new 3-D heat wave control to treat hardwoods. Expand your product line and go to new markets. 3. CONSUMERS. Thermo-treated. Lumber. Decks, Siding, Stairs, Building. Materials, Moldings, Parquet,. Cabinets, Furniture, Wall panels, Windows, Doors… B2B.