Wearing a life vest made of PET bottles and discarded belts, Tzu Chi volunteer Rico Balid leads a team of volunteers to the finish line. All their hard work has paid off, winning the first prize and beating nine entries from six districts of Manila. (Photo by Richard Bolisay; date: 2012 10 02; location: Manila,

Morrison, working with eight expert Kenyan boat builders, is using plastic planks from the fledgling local recycling industry to build his boat, which he hopes to sail to Cape Town in South Africa. “We struggle to produce a consistent material out of the recycled plastic,” he said. “It's not easy. Sometimes we

Build a boat and float it too! 18 boat crafts for kids to make from recyclables and common household items. Sailboats, tugs, canoes, rowboats and more

This is a social experiment and construction project based in the industrial area of Copenhagen, Denmark. We began building boats from recycled material in 2008 and are the proud owners of the world's largest catamaran built from recycled material. Our goal is to create awareness about waste by building boats and

Explorations. Set up a boat building area (with recyclable materials) and a boat sailing area (with basins of water). Build a Boat. Recycling is just one way that we can help take care of the Earth. We can also try to reduce by buying fewer things and by reusing the things we have. As you introduce the building materials, talk.

The goal of the Eco-raft workshop was to be aware of the water pollution, and to build a boat from recycled materials, especially plastic bottles. The waters, starting from small rivers, to the Oceans, are polluted especially with plastic bottles. We collected the plastic bottles which may end thrown into the

Make mini boats to float or race with recycled water bottles!

How to make a Recycled Pontoon Boat. My friend Jill made a great boat out of recycled materials that actually floats! This is a perfect spring craft to make with your little ones. Just be careful, about where you launch it. My friend said that the current took her boat and she almost lost theirs! recycled pontoon

Building a 60ft sailing boat from recycled plastic waste - an engineers perspective. “What you want to do is impossible!” “You don't know what you get yourself into.” “This boat will sink immediately!” These are comments that I hear often from my engineering colleagues. But their doubt gives me all the more

Many of my past projects have thumbed their noses at convention or have been absurd, foolhardy or otherwise non-conformist, but this one extends the boundaries further than ever. I'm going to try to make a boat by recycling plastic bottles. Before You Read Further Sadly, due to a host of technical

I have been saving recycle bin items for a while for the boys to use to make boats, and they were all very enthusiastic when I pulled out this pile! We added some duct tape and scissors, and they were ready to build. (Owen could not wait until the photo was over to scope out what he was going to use!)

The Frenchman is sailing down the river from St. Paul, Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico on a boat made of trash. “So this is 90 percent recycled boat made out of 797 plastic bottles,” said Bencheghib, Recycled Mississippi Project. “So we're literally floating on trash.” Built in New York and tested on the

Build a boat using post-consumer recyclable materials. Bring it to Edgewater Park. Launch it and discover if it floats. Compete to be the first to paddle out 300 feet and back (no motors, human power only please). Participants will compete for the title of Fastest Boat, Best Use of Recyclable Materials, and Most Artistic Style.

This is a really fun activity for starting to learn about properties of materials and the effect of gradient on speed. We split the experiment into two parts, first we tested different materials to see which worked best as a boat and then we raced the boats down different inclines. Which materials make the best boat

In this video, I am creating a beautiful boat by only using a bottle cap, a toothpick, and a plug. Enjoy! :) You liked this video? You'll love our Valentine'

There's just something about boats that just draws kids in! Perhaps, because boats are a symbol of freedom and adventure every child I know is fascinated with them. This DIY Ship is both easy to make, and cheap! It uses products you are likely to have laying around your house, like a milk carton or

A fun Viking Ship to make from recycled items from our friends at Looledo.com. This incredible Viking ship is made entirely from recycled household items and it is a project worthy of idsplay in any child's room or classroom. Can you believe it was made from a milk carton?

From trash to toy boat; a guide on how to make a working to sail boat from household recyclables.

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