VMZINC's Composite is a multilayered panel made up of two sheets of zinc that are 0.5 mm thick and thermo-glued on either side of a mineral-rich polyethylene

Composite. Composite zinc panels for ventilated cladding and curtain walls. Advantages. The elegance of zinc. Exceptionally flat and rigid. Large dimension of panels and dimensional stability. Suitable for QUARTZ-ZINC and ANTHRA-ZINC preweathered products are manufactured treating the surface of natural zinc

Reynobond is a composite panel consisting of two coil-coated aluminium sheets fusion bonded to both sides of a polyethylene core. Reynobond Reynolux withEcoClean is the first aluminium cladding panel to clean itself and the environment as well. With the aid of the sun and moisture, dirt and smog particles are

NedZink NOVA COMPOSITE panel is a prefabricated sandwich panel, with an LDPE core and covered on the outside with pre-weathered Nova zinc. NOVA COMPOSITE can be used in internal and external applications like facades, ventilated facades rain screens and interior design. The pre-weathered NedZink Nova on

Discover all the information about the product Composite cladding zinc pre-lacquered patina REYNOBOND METALS METAL COMPOSITE PANEL FOR Reynobond Zinc composite panel (ZCM) made of pre-weathered zinc for interior and exterior applications, which is characterized by its resistance and durability.

NedZink NOVA is pre-weathered titanium zinc with a matte subtle brushed surface in a natural medium-grey colour. It is mainly used for aesthetically high quality building applications for roofs and façades, and associated roof drainage More information. panel cladding aluminum composite colored ALUPANEL XT FR

We are professional manufacturer and exporter of titanium zinc composite panel, zinc composite panel, titanium zinc cladding since 1997.

An Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) or Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) is composed of two top-grade aluminium alloy sheets and a thermoplastic polyethylene or class 1 fire resistant mineral filled core under continuous high heat and pressure process. Related Projects

Pre-Weathered Grey Composite Panels (NOVA COMPOSITE). NOVA Composite panel Pre-Weathered Grey Composite Panels (NOVA COMPOSITE) Cladding panel with two layers of pre-weathered zinc and a LDPE core.