We are replacing our deck railing and screening in our back porch and are thinking of using industrial grade mesh panels for the railing. Will this meet … Humming . I have built a deck around our above ground pool but am not sure how far apart the rails need to be so a child cannot get his her head stuck. Can you help …

3. Preparation. 3.1. How far apart should the joists be positioned? The recommended fixing distances for decking vary according to the projected footfall of your deck. For commercial projects we would recommend fixing at 400mm centres, and for domestic projects we recommend fixing at 600mm centres.

How to build a timber deck. A timber deck has many functional uses and can be an asset to any home. A deck can aid the indoor outdoor flow and becomes an Your deck dimensions may differ from our design, however construction techniques usually . 75mm apart with 50 x 50 x 3mm washers under the bolt heads.

Spaces between the balusters--the railings that fill in the space between the top handrail and the deck--should be less than 4 inches wide. You can use panels to cover the spaces, but if you want to install glass panels, use tempered glass. Regular glass can break into shards and cut you, but tempered

How far apart should I space my balusters? How do I calculate the number of balusters I need? Can I use deck balusters on my indoor stairway—or are they just for decks? Can I custom order a special length of baluster? I have an existing deck with wood balusters. Can I take the balusters off and replace them with another