Brown-Campbell Composite Floor Deck is designed for non-residential applications in low-rise, high-rise, and manufacturing sectors.

Versa-Floor Applications. Versa-Floor systems are engineered to optimize a wide range of mid-to high-rise applications. New Millennium is your source for design assistance, technical information and steel building systems supply. Learn how Versa-Floor can accelerate your construction timeline and reduce your

While this may be appropriate for ground floors, it would be unsatisfactory for most on a high floor without a great deal of insulation in the area between the floor the floor and reduce the hollow percussive sound that footfalls can produce when laminate flooring is floated over a subfloor without the benefit of underlayment.

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill continues to explore the viability of a timber-and-concrete composite floor system and opens its study to a composite floor system supported by a steel structure.

Versa-Floor is available in a wide range of configurations to meet the needs of most any mid- to high-rise application. Simplify construction, provide sound and fire control in residential, commercial, healthcare and parking garage applications. Learn more. Deep-Dek Composite System. Deep-Dek Composite Systems.

Traditionally, engineers have designed the structure for high-rise buildings using all structural steel or all structurally reinforced concrete. There are advantages to each building material. “Composite structures” combine the two using structural steel columns and beams for floor construction, concrete on

Laminate flooring uses a photographic image applied to a laminated wood base to replicate wood flooring, stone flooring, tile flooring and other types of floor covering. If you choose laminate for high-traffic areas, look for a product with a thick wear layer of melamine resin. Options range from 6-15mm and where the floor

Corporate headquarters for banks and other high profile companies require that buildings are built to high architectural and environmental standards. . Steel and composite structures can be designed to reduce the overall depth of the floor zone by integrating major services within the depth of the structure, and or by

Versa-Floor optimizes the design and construction of mid- and high-rise hotels and residences with our Panelized Delivery Method . The panels combine steel beams and long-span deck into full grid panels measuring up to 1,200 sq. ft. The panels, safely assembled at grade, form multi-story plenum spaces to pass MEP