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Hardwood suppliers. We supply and export exotic hardwood timber. With our hardwood lumber and other wood for sale we are experts in the classic hardwood wooden floor.

Timber products for the building industry. Our independence allows us to source the best quality timber from South Africa and overseas while our expertise allows us to advise on the best solution to your building needs. We operate from our 10ha site in the Helderberg region of the Western Cape of South Africa. We have

Ian Fuller Agencies. dealers in timber, hardwoods, exotics, importers, distributors, exporters.

Many in the wood products industry agree that is an unrivaled species for decking applications. Since is the premium decking wood, it can be found in many applications from boardwalks to private residences. It is durable and carries the same class A fire ratings of many of the South American decking species.

WELCOME TO MAPLE STREET TIMBERS. Established in 2008, Maple Street Timbers procures and stocks both local and exotic timbers. Our timbers are sourced from all over the world, including North American timbers; Cherry, Oak, Walnut and Ash. If you are making furniture, decking or flooring in small or large quantities

Massaranduba (pronounced Ma-Sa-Ran-Doo-bah) is a hardwood native to South America. It bears the distinction of being one of the most beautiful and hardest woods in the world. One surprising fact about this natural hardwood is how well it performs under heavy load (bending strength) tests. These tests revealed that,

Hard and soft woods: We supply over 35 species of hard and soft wood selectively sourced from around the world in various sizes and grades. Decking: We carry a full range of Balau in all structural sizes and in pre-moulded decking planks of 19×68 and 19×90. We have also introduced Massaranduba as a stock item.

Rhino Wood walk way at Vumbura Plains, Okavango Delta. View Rhino Wood is produced from the finest forests in South Africa. Only plantation trees that have been grown and Strength. Rhino Wood competes with most tropical hardwoods on important characteristics such as strength, surface hardness and density.

Wood Oil Oil is another popular option, as it enhances the natural colour of the timber and is easy to apply and maintain. We use Satinwood 28 by timberlife which has the necessary anti-insect and anti-fungus properties. Guarantee All construction is in accordance with SA Building Standards. All workmanship carries a one