If possible, install GeoDeck during the coolest part of the day. Although the ideal temperature for installation is 60 degrees Fahrenheit, this is not always going to be possible. However, there are steps that can be taken to help reduce the effects of expansion and contraction such as storing boards in the shade and making

The whole composite industry (including all the major players like , Timbertech , Choice Dek , and Evergrain ) has struggled with one universal problem: Because composites are not cellular in structure (like wood found in a tree), the man-made composites are all subject to expansion and contraction when the

All the big companies, , , Timber Tech and , and Wolf, (I am sure I missed a few) now produce decking with a hard plastic shell bonded to the composite board. This makes the wear surface less Expansion and Contraction of Composites and PVC Decking Expansion of composite. Building with man-made

expansion contraction. See the GeoDeck Design Guide for more information. Keeping the deck square as you proceed is essential. It is recommended that a check for squareness be made every 6' of deck being laid. Gapping is required when joining GeoDeck decking from end to end. Approximately 1 16" is required for

Product 30 - 50 The GeoDeck Deck & Railing System is a state-of-the-art decking system that consists of matching boards, railings, posts, balusters, end caps, fascia . of GeoDeck boards? Yes, it is important to note that all composite and plastic-based products will experience some degree of expansion and contraction.

Our accessories are not just pretty to the eye; they work with the science and practical applications. For instance, the perimeter strip and feature strip allow for hidden expansion & contraction as the climate changes. The majority of fasteners are hidden for a clean finish that extends to the perimeter whether you use fascia or

Once you know the design of the deck, it is important to choose the correct material. The traditional material has been How Boards Expand and Contract: When installing composite decking it is important to remember that it expands and contracts; the hotter it gets the more it will expand. Having a proper gap between

Care should be taken to ensure that the deck is installed per the manufacturer's instructions and that allowances are made for the expansion and contraction of the material. Decking may be installed with joists 24" on center. Engineered I-beam profile planks weigh less than solid wood plastic composite

This prevents thermal expansion of the deck boards distorting the design of the deck. 5. The maximum Please check the installation instructions for the correct spacing of joists for your chosen decking product. 6. This ensures that the boards stay fixed in place, whilst allowing for thermal expansion and contraction. 9.