the recommended values for the Nationally Determined Parameters are used throughout. The example structure, shown in Fig. II, is a road bridge with three spans (60.0 m 80.0 m 60.0 m). The continuous composite deck is made up of two steel girders with I cross-section and a concrete slab with total width 12.0 m.

CONCRETE DECK SLAB. DECK SLAB DESIGN LRFD. SAMPLE DESIGN CALCULATIONS. VOL. V - PART 2. DATE: 10Mar2015. SHEET 7 of 13. FILE NO. 10.01-7. Required: Deck reinforcement for a steel plate girder. Design Specifications: AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications with current

Design Guides. 3.2.1 - LRFD Deck Design. April 2012. Page 3.2.1-1. 3.2.1 LRFD Deck Design. A standard deck is defined as a deck slab on longitudinal beams with designing bridge decks with primary reinforcement perpendicular to the main bridge beams. . LRFD Deck Slab Design Example: 7 ft.

The Structures Design Office of the Florida Department of Transportation updated the example II (Bridge Deck) f`c = 4500. CIP Bridge Deck. IV f`c = 5500. CIP Substructure. V (Special) f`c = 6000. Concrete Piling. VI f`c = 8500. Prestressed Beams .. per foot should be provided in the top of the deck slab at the median.

Design Step 2 - Example Bridge. Prestressed Concrete Bridge Design Example. Materials. Concrete strength. Prestressed girders: Initial strength at transfer, f′ci = 4.8 ksi. 28-day strength, f′c = 6 ksi. Deck slab: 4.0 ksi. Substructure: 3.0 ksi. Railings: 3.5 ksi. Concrete elastic modulus (calculated using S). Girder final

Slab bridges are defined as structures where the deck slab also serves as the main load- carrying worked example. The LRFD design process for slab bridges is similar to the LFD design process. Both codes require the main reinforcement to be designed for Strength, Fatigue, Control of Cracking, and.

Design of a reinforced concrete bridge deck to BS 5400. Reinforced Concrete Deck Example to British Standards. Reinforced Concrete Deck Design to BS 5400 Part 4. Problem: Design a simply supported reinforced concrete deck slab using a unit strip method. The deck carries a 100mm depth of surfacing, together with

For this example with a centerline-to-centerline web spacing of 7.75 feet and web width of 12 inches, the effective length is 6.75 feet. The resulting minimum deck slab thickness per ADOT guidelines is 8.00 inches. In-depth rigorous analysis for deck design is not warranted for ordinary bridges. The empirical design method

Design Step 2.4 - Select Slab and Overhang Thickness Design Step 2.5 Additional information is presented about the design assumptions, methodology, and criteria for the entire bridge, including the concrete deck. The following slab and overhang thicknesses will be assumed for this design example:.

10.6 DESIGN EXAMPLE REINFORCED CONCRETE BRIDGE DECK . . of the slab. For the deck to fail, as the load is increased the deflection also increases. The section around the load becomes overstrained and this results in a cone-shaped Empirical Design (AASHTO Article 9.7.1) is a method of deck slab design.