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Elesgo best choice 7" x 51" x 9mm Laminate Flooring in White Gray is universally beautiful, robust and unique. These high-quality EPL- laminates are 100% made in German factories using a patented manufacturing process and innovative technology. ELESGO Floor USA offers the best laminate floors in the glossy finish in

High Gloss Laminate Flooring is just what it sounds like, a floor that looks like the surface of a grand piano, all but inviting you to slide across it on your socks. Our high gloss laminate floors replicate the pristine look of pre-finished wood flooring, but the price comparison is in your favor. Even the highest quality laminate

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Laminate flooring is popular with home builders because it requires less skill to work with and is faster to install. Homeowners like it because it is generally less expensive than wood flooring. High-gloss laminate flooring is durable and doesn't need the same maintenance as wood flooring. Laminate flooring is produced by

Shaw is proud to present a major breakthrough in flooring technology. OptiGuard is a very high-gloss, durable laminate finish that is compounded to be highly scratch-resistant and dramatically increase the detail, realism and beauty of the floor.

This 8mm Black High Gloss Laminate has a 30 year residential warranty with a high gloss finish. The AC rating of laminate flooring measures its durability, on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the most durable. This product has an AC rating of 3, meaning it is suitable for general home use or use in commercial buildings with light

When it comes to choosing flooring material, many homeowners choose laminate flooring because of its durability and resemblance to real wood. High gloss laminate flooring is a particularly attractive option because of its high shine finish. However, this type of flooring is not without its drawbacks. Before

Have you ever wondered what high gloss laminate flooring (sometimes called piano finish) looks like? Picture a Grand Piano the surface is smooth and shiny, almost like glass. This is what high gloss laminate flooring is meant to look like. This flooring has high shine and is very reflective. It will shimmer in

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