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Have you ever attempted a DIY project that looked so easy a preschooler could do it? You then got half way through the project and wish you would've just bought the finished product instead? Well I almost had one of those moments when I began this project: Here's how it all started… I purchased this

To secure it, I actually just duct taped the cork board to the frame at the back but you could also glue gun it in or screw a few corner brackets on the back of the frame. Finally, add hanging hooks to the back of it (I used two D-ring hooks) and throw it up on the wall done! Simple DIY cork bulletin board (love

The stained wood frame hides the rough edge of the homasote and gives the perfect finishing touch to make your bulletin board really complete. DIY Giant Bulletin Board (for less than $50) That's My Letter for And lastly this diy sliding barn door console that I still can't believe resides in our home!

First, place your batting on top of your cork board. Trim it to fit if needed and staple the batting to hold it in place. DIY ribbon bulletin board fabric wrap. Next, wrap your fabric around the batting and board and staple it to the back of the cork board. Be sure to staple the fabric into the wood frame to be extra