Screw the upper ends of the stringers to the floor joists on your deck. Unless your stairs are more than 4 feet (1.2 m) wide, you will only need the 2 exterior stringers and 1 middle stringer. If young children have access to the pool area, build a gate to prevent them falling in. Install a

A floating deck adds a great elevated place to sit and enjoy a view of a yard. experts to sit and enjoy a view of a yard. Only a few inches off the ground, this platform takes a little time but is easy once you get going. . how they line up. Let dry. Make sure the concrete has set before moving to next steps.

Kristin-Jackson-Deck-11. diy-floating-deck-23. From 'Apartment Therapy', learn how to make an island deck from repurposed pallet wood. The whole thing cost less than $100 to make! diy-floating-pallet-deck-2. 'Family Handyman' has a step by step on how to make an island deck, complete with photos

Easy to situate as needed on your site, cement deck blocks provide the foundation for floating decks, as shown in this picture. David Beaulieu . As I said in the prior step, one of the challenges of achieving a tight fit between decking boards is created by the presence of warped wood. Undaunted by the

Learn how to build a pool deck with these 10 steps. Plus, there are very few attractive pool-deck plans available, and most of those require you to dig and pour dozens of concrete footings. Fortunately Floating foundations are generally allowed by building codes nationwide, including regions that experience frost heave.

Step 2. Dig 8-inch-diameter holes to the frost depth in your region at each center point. With the holes dug, mix enough concrete to fill the five holes -- one in each corner and one in the middle of the deck. Make the tops of the footings even with the ground at each hole (Project Diagram, Drawing 2).

Floating deck. Backyard Decks: Build an Island Deck If you add a step to your ground level deck and use hidden deck fasteners as we did, you might need a few more hours to finish the job. Most decks A few cautions: If all or part of the deck is higher than 30 in. off the ground, you'll need a building permit and railings.