When installing wet wood decking on decks that will get full sun exposure for more than 25% of the day, I butt the boards tightly against each other, anticipating that they will shrink, creating the required gap If the deck is in the shade or will get less than 25% daily sun exposure, I gap the decking 3 16 inch.

LUMBER. Lumber and Decking At La Mesa Lumber & Hardware we concentrate a great deal of effort into obtaining the best product at the best price. We have strong Lumber. Pine: Sizes available: 1x4 thru 1x12 1x6 and 1x8 available in Tongue & Groove Lengths available: 8' thru 16' - 20' available in Tongue & Groove.

The hardest hit are traditional, solid surface, tongue-and-groove floors without gaps for drainage like a deck. But there are several ways to The idea is to treat the porch like a deck with gaps between boards, but use 3 4-inch-thick lumber that's more finished looking than larger lumber. Sure, you could use

Make the cut in a damaged board that's next to a good one and whose groove faces the other boards that will be replaced. (You can spot the tongues Using a pry bar and hammer, remove the old wood on both sides of the cut, being careful not to harm the tongue of the undamaged deck board. Once the waste is clear,

I am familiar with the tongue and groove boards like the 3 inch boards that often get used on porches. Since I have never used a non wood flooring decking product, I can't offer an opinion regarding that material. . They make a 3 inch tongue and groove board that I have put down several times.

The new boards were ripped to size. One of the old boards was used as a guide to determine the width of the replacement boards. Milling the Joint. After ripping the new stock to a width of 2-3 4 inches, we then embarked on the next step of making the tongue and groove (T&G), which was by far the most

Article about installing tongue-and-groove flooring on a porch. Skill Level: 3-4 (Moderate to Advanced), Time Taken: About 8 Hours It took a little extra work, but there is plenty of evidence to show that a fully-painted piece of wood will last much longer than a board painted on only one side. Why?

's Tongue and Groove porch flooring comes in the traditional 3½ inch old world style, but is made from technologically advanced, solid-core cellular PVC. This completely weatherable board can be used on a covered porch or in full sun with equally beautiful results. High levels of UV Deck & Porch Brochure PDF.

Tongue & Groove Porch Decking: Tongue Installing tongue and groove on a deck without a roof covering the deck surface will cause problems such as allowing excessive water to collect and cause the material to cup, swell, and buckle. . When installing decking, be sure to leave a gap between deck boards of 3 32".

(Roof decking, with tongue and groove edges and laid up tight, has greater allowable spans than spaced boards.) Decking can also be made of 2- by. 3-inch or 2- by 4-inch members placed on edge, or of 1- by 4-inch boards. Deck boards are hsted in table 5. Plywood decks. — Spans for plywood decks are shown in table 6