If your deck is looking a little weathered and you're considering replacing the boards, you might want to try this simple trick to see if you can squeeze a few And not just the deck; There are several other reasons why I got 15k off the asking price, mostly due to neglect of what should have been cheap, easy

Learn more about how to create a deck or patios on a budget and affordably realize your backyard dream. beautiful potted plants, new tables or chairs or even reupholster or paint your old ones. Throw pillows and canopies are another great way to breathe new life into an worn deck. Checkerboard Deck

We'll show you how to replace old decking with low-maintenance composite materials and build a new “floating” landing at yard level that expands the deck in an attractive, practical way. We'll show If you don't have footings, talk to your local inspector about the best way to proceed. Complete . Flashing tape isn't cheap.

Going through my deck board by board before I pressure wash and stain it. If boards are junk and need to be replaced replace them with a new board. If boards

Tighten the fasteners that attach the deck to the house, look for any missing, bent or rusted flashing and carefully inspect inside and out for any telltale black stains that suggest moisture is working its way into your home. Next, look for any cosmetic damage. For example, tap down any popped nails or consider replacing

There is nothing wrong with starting fresh, but resurfacing your deck can be a great way to rejuvenate the whole thing without shelling out a huge investment. Granted, your new deck needs to follow the lines of your old one, but you'd be surprised at what a huge aesthetic change you can accomplish.

If your deck is at the point of needing repair or replacement, many inexpensive repair methods can bring it back to new life. Old paint and stains can be removed with a paint remover or stain remover. After the boards are cut to the same size as the old boards, they can be nailed or screwed into place.